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There are many things I would like to achieve in my life, and almost half of them are closely connected with my becoming an established professional and building a successful career. When I was about to choose my future profession, it came to my mind that majoring in business is the best way to ensure stability and a chance to constantly grow and develop professionally. Besides, there was also a financial side of it. In an old Bloomberg Businessweek article, the business major was referred to as “the most practical major in this economy”, one that could put graduates “in the best position to land a job after graduation” (Damast). These were my thoughts exactly at that time.

Today, when a need has arisen to finally verbalize my professional goals, I can give an outline of what my future plans really are. I consider my education to be a launching pad rather than a narrow corridor leading to a specific job or industry. The business major is a foundation, which will help me to become an employee of a big company and use all my skills to contribute to its success. Unlike many others, I do not hope to fill a prestigious position at once. It is not only naïve, but also not forethoughtful in the least. In my point of view, starting from the bottom and making every step up on your own is what can give a person a real insight into how things are done. Hence, working your way up in a company generates the ability to ‘see the big picture’ when it comes to implementation of business projects. Having climbed the corporate ladder and gained some expertise, it would be possible to proceed to the next logical step and start a business of my own.

Of course, this is all a faraway future for me, especially taking into account the fact that I do not even know the precise business area I will work in. Nevertheless, as vague as it is, it is a pattern I long to follow. Joining a well-established company, learning from my more experienced colleagues, earning some promotions and working hard for success in order to start my own business eventually are things I see myself doing after graduation. Who knows, maybe one day some clueless business major, someone just like me today, will choose my company as his or her first step to prosperity?


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