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Where are we living? What have we done with pure, full of nature expanse world that was given to us? Who are we? Most perfect creatures, enriched with mind and heart and soul. We have done so much to be ashamed.

We are led by the unfortunate criminals, mass gods of weapons and dealers of drug ‘toys.’ We should be ashamed because we are led by demons of War, and we blindly follow them. They enjoy our blindness without thinking about the losses and human sacrifices among their followers. They profit from human sorrow, shame, misery and hopelessness and, of course, disease. For centuries, people have followed their patriotic ‘gods.’ People killed others for religious reasons, unaware of the fact that their leaders really wanted something else: fame, money and power. People did not realize that they were only instruments in the hands of their leaders to achieve their selfish goals. The question is whether it was freedom that people killed each other for in civil wars. However, it seems that we still do not know what freedom really is. It seems like greed of our kings will eat us, if it has not already done so. Yet, it really should be our shame to be blind followers.

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What have we done with nature? Earthquakes, volcanoes, big waves and fires are destroying us, our homes and our future, and we are standing still and waiting for it to pass. We are not responding, pretending like we do not know its causes. We test bombs in the underground experiments and cut forests to receive timber and fertile land. More than 150 acres of woods are lost every minute every day, and more than 20 percent of the Amazon rainforests are already gone. Amazon tropical forests are often called “the lungs of the Earth.” Production of oxygen that comes from these forests makes the largest single share of the total broadcast oxygen from all the forests of the world. These forests are the largest and the most moistened on the planet. Here is the most versatile flora and fauna on the planet. If these forests are gone, our lungs will be gone too. Pollution is also killing us slowly. However, the enemy here is not pollution itself but us ourselves. It we who cause pollutions and, thus, it is we, who became our own nastiest enemies

Another fact to be ashamed of is our unjust attitudes towards each other. We all belong to some class, since we created gaps between us based on wealth, status, social ties, and other factors. People of different social classes are treated differently with both contempt and respect and honor. If someone does not belong to some social; class and does not have any status, a person is rejected immediately without a chance to show his/her personality. It is well known that the rich people get better treatment, more respect, and, certainly, a better life in the society. Poor people without status do not go well and are often treated with some disdain, defiance, and even hatred from people of higher social status and higher social class. If it happens that a poor person becomes rich, no one will ever wonder who he/she is and where he/she comes from. The person will be treated with respect simply because of his/her current status in the class of rich. We should be really ashamed of the fact that the poor in our society do not have the same right to life and health as the rich do. We do not have the right to decide that the lives of rich are more important than lives of poor. The best example of priveleges of life to the rich is the Titanic, the ship on which a huge number of people was killed. Of course, most unfairly killed people were the poor in the third class.

When we look what we have done with the world around us and ourselves, we can only be ashamed.


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