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From the information about Cleveland, the three diseases - diabetes, obesity and hypertension – are interrelated and can lead to death. From the data given, it was clear that those who had diabetes were also likely to have high blood pressure/hypertension. Diabetes was seen to mostly affect the Africans-Americans. There did not seem to be a big difference between the number of men and women affected. Having in mind that this is a killer disease, the right actions against the diabetes should be taken to prevent the rise of number of people with diabetes. Target group should be the Africans-Americans. The disease, diabetes, was seen to have affected more people from southern and eastern Cleveland. Consequently, namely that area also should be targeted by the anti diabetes campaigns.

The research of the period from 2005 thourgh 2009 showed that the number of people with high blood pressure increased by age with one out of four adults having the disease, and the ratio increased to three out of four to the older adults. Looking at the rates, it can be seen that at the same time period, the percentage of people with hypertension was 34.8 percent higher than the percentage of people with diabetes in Cleveland. Just as diabetes, hypertension rate increased by age with the highest rate among the old people aged 65 and above amounting to 51.8 percent. It was a clear indication that the target groupof people with hypertension would be the same as for diabetes. The disease did not vary so much as per age, but it varied as per race, affecting African-Americans more. It was proved by the increase in the African-American population with hypertension in the southern east of Cleveland.

Research on obesity carried out in the same period showed that 34.1 percent of Cleveland population was obese. Obesity can lead to hypertension and even stroke and cause death. The condition was seen to affect female African-Americans most as compared to men from any other race. Again the south east Cleveland was the most affected with 41.8 percent of people with a disease as compare to 29.3% in the west region. It was siginificant evidence for the need of more vigorous anti hypertension, obesity and diabetes actions to be taken in the region. I feel that healthy living lesson should be conducted in the region to try eliminate the three conditions and, thus, reduce the number of deaths caused.


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