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Many people take our world for granted. They live everyday without looking around and appreciating the beautiful sceneries of nature such as sunrise, sunset, rainbows, snows on mountain tops, and many others. One might then ask: what is the advantage of indulging in natural sceneries when people could make better use of the same time to do something more practical, such as making money? - It is obvious that our beautiful world doesn’t make people rich by appreciating it. But God does not create a beautiful world for us to find wealth in it.

God adds beautiful objects and images on planet earth, such as the above sceneries, to turn it into a beautiful world; much like our home is made beautiful by decorating it with beautiful objects. However, we tend to diminish our appreciation of our home after we have decorated it beautifully, just like how we diminish our appreciating of our beautiful world after we have lived long enough to forget about it.

If we look at a cocoon closely, we would find that it is a just an ugly creature crawling on tree branches. Then on the next moment, we find it slowly transform into a spectacular new creature – a beautiful butterfly, freely moving around and joyfully floating above all its prior limited environment. It then emerges as one of the beautiful creatures that add a unique feature to our beautiful world, much like a painter adds some colored images on his beautiful portray.

God wittingly created all beautiful sceneries. He created a beautiful world to impress on us of His awesome creative ability. There are reasons behind all His creations. His creation of a beautiful world is meant to heal and revitalize us. For example, when we are dog-tired after a day’s work, we might find relaxation of body, mind, and spirit by listening to the ocean tides and feeling the wind on a beach. When we feel depressed, we might be refreshed by observing how a thunderstorm in day time eventually ends and adds a colorful rainbow on the sky turning the earth into a beautiful world once more, reminding us that troubles are only temporary.


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