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Education is the key to success. Most people agree to this opinion while others believe that that education is not necessary for success. Those who support the opinion assert the fact that education is the ultimate source of success, because it is only through it that someone gets to learn the most proficient way of doing things. Furthermore, they claim that education exposes people to wide knowledge that helps them go about any situation within their specialization, and to make informed decisions. Additionally, supporters of the opinion say that education helps someone to have an open mind. It does this through engaging their minds in a variety of challenges and suggesting solutions, which they could apply in various activities and succeed amicably. On the contrary, there are those who do not believe that education is the key to success. They support this with sayings such as ‘experience is the best teacher’ and argue further that most of the top successful people in the world have not gone through higher education. As if not enough, they go to the extent of pointing out a few to justify their opinion, listing Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg amongst others, as some of the youngest billionaires who either dropped out of school to do business, or did not really attain very high levels of education. Well, my opinion remains in support of education as the key to success. Even the most basic of it, of knowing how to count numbers and to read is good enough and justifies the fact that without that knowledge, success would be very elusive in the modern world.


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