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Living for 200 years has only been possible with the human beings who were thought to be vampires. It is a myth and only a possibility in movies and other fictional stories. This is a thought which scares me most because how can one live up to 200 years? I wonder what would have happened if our ancestors lived for such a long period of time. We would have been slaves or colonialists. Life would have been too boring and there would have been conflict over who is in control and who is not. Thus, I don’t need to live for the next two hundred years.

It is scary to imagine what the world would be like if all of us live for the next two hundred years. First of all, the world will be over- populated. There will be less job opportunities, fewer lands to sow, inadequate food, too many cars driven and lesser social facilities to accommodate all of us. Therefore, life will be too difficult because the world will be overcrowded. Hence, we don’t need to live for two hundred years. We need to vacate the world and leave some space to those who will be born after us. We need to give our future sons and daughters some chance to control the universe. However, if I was the only one to live for the next two hundred years, my life will be so miserable. In 200 years’ time the faces that one sees today will vanish and rot in the graves. I will be treated as the most valuable artifact: “The man who lived for two hundred and sixteen years.”

However, during this period of time, life will not be very interesting because, there will be newer technologies which will make life difficult and more complicated. Although there will be newer and better cars to drive, I will be too old to ride at such fast speeds. This is because such speeds might cost me my life. Especially, heart related diseases that may develop any time one starts aging. Typically all senior persons are not interested in new technologies so will I, which will make my life even more difficult because it will be necessary to use such technologies for survival. Whenever I think of technologies, I remember their effects on environment. How will the air quality conditions be during the two hundred years, if currently, they cause all the choking, headaches and stop us from going to simple outdoor recreational activities?

Moreover, after one hundred years, I would have grown so old and weak to enjoy life anymore. If I grow old, I won’t be able to work. Thus, I will spend most of those days in senior citizens home. I will be moving on wheel chair or if I shall be able to walk, I will be supported by walking sticks. Moreover, I will not be having any teeth in my mouth by then. Hence, I won’t be able to chew meat or any other hard foods that I currently enjoy eating. My food shall be smashed like baby’s food. The society shall treat me as a liability and wish that I should die anytime to reduce their expenses. Therefore, I will not have the chance to enjoy life I would have wished to. It is better when I die happy and young than live two hundred years of agony.

When those days to come, people will forget where they came from in terms of their cultures and traditions. I don’t want to live for to hundred years because I am a conservative and I won’t accept seeing those younger than me being brain washed and ignoring the original culture. I don’t want to make a fool of myself. Being the oldest member in my family I will fail to advice my family members on what culture they should follow. I don’t think if I will know which culture is right and which is wrong. I won’t be able to explain to the my young ones on whether they should follow the culture that I was taught when I was young or the new cultures that they will learn on media. There shall be many fashions to suit newer generations. Thus, I will be the most confused man in terms of culture by then. Additionally, when that time comes, I won’t be sure on what morality is. I won’t be able to convince my descendants that what they are doing is morally wrong. In those days is when you will see humans turning to animals in ignoring what is morally right in pursuit of the selfish desires of their hearts. People who will be living in Capitalist states will ignore what we call families today. Whatever the two hundred years will hold is scary to old dependent me therefore my absence in such times shall be expedient compared to my presences. My mistake will be that I am a conservative and I don’t agree with changes. Therefore, I think I am not going to frustrate myself to death by accepting newer things.

Though, the bible promises those that they honor their parents long life, two hundred years is too long. If all humans live for two hundred years, the living conditions will be more difficult and if I will be the only one living for that period, my life will be more difficult. Technologies, erosion of culture and climatic changes that shall exist in future scares me most. Therefore, I prefer to die young and happy than to live long life full of stress and feeling of uselessness.


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