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This article gives information concerning public opinion polls. Rasmussen reports is a company whose opinion polls have gained trust from the public due to its accuracy in the data it gives. This company collects, publicize and distribute information concerning public opinion. Its slogan is, ‘If it's in the news, it's in our polls’. Opinion polls conducted are of varied topics. Rasmussen is an Independent body which pays for its polls and gains revenue through sponsorship, sale of subscriptions and advertising. Its independence state enables it to give fair results and free from any favoritism.

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On 4th November 2011, Rasmussen Reports daily polls of Presidential tracking showed that 19% of nation’s voters approved President Obama’s role as a president while 42% strongly disapproved. This gave Obama a Presidential Approval rating of -23.Herman Cain lead the GOP field nationally attracting 26% votes, Mitt Romney23%, Newt Gingrich 14%, 13% were undecided and others had single votes.

Wall Street Journal and Washington Post have placed their confidence on Scott Rasmussen’s polls results due to their accuracy. Rasmussen Reports bases their job approval rating upon samples of likely voters and uses automated telephone polling techniques unlike other companies whose job approval ratings is based on a sample of adults and use operator-assisted technology respectively.

Some of the polls that have shown a high degree of accuracy include the election night outcomes. Rasmussen predicted that Republicans would have 62 seats in the house during 2010 elections, they gained 63 seats. The 2009 New Jersey’s governor race polls matched with the final results. In 2008, the polls showed that Obama won by 52% to 46% and the actual results showed that he won by 53% to 46%. Rasmussen reports uses telephone and online surveys and their margin of sampling error on a full sample of 1,500 voters is +/- . These results reflect the population at large.

Additional information that shows that Rasmussen reports sample is a representative one includes the contributions from FOX News stating the Rasmussen’s track of unchallenged record for both integrity and accuracy. Slate magazine reported that Rasmussen reports was the most accurate firm in 2004 US presidential elections and 2006 US general elections.


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