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Career planning workshop can be described as a program that is usually organized by an institution such as a school or company where members of the organization attend a meeting aimed at helping its members set their educational and career goals and develop a clear structural plan, which they will use to achieve these goals (C.A.R.E.E.R. Planning Workshop for Employees). Career planning workshops are organized for the welfare of employees. For such an institution as a company, the career planning workshops meetings are organized by the human resource (HR) department while the school administration organizes them in schools.

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A number of activities that take place in the career-planning workshop vary depending on the nature of the company that organizes that workshop and people that will attend that particular workshop. These activities can be divided into three main activities. The first one is self-discovery or what Abraham Maslow (Maslow, 1973) refers to as self-actualization. People discover their potentials, capacities, and talents and how to fully exploit them. This will help them become creative, spontaneous, and courageous and have a high self-esteem (Maslow, 1973).

The second activity involves understanding of different ways related to career development in relation to status compensations and future promotions. This depends on the interest, needs, strengths, and weaknesses of the individual. Then, they can use the hands-on approach which helps to explore the available career options in the market and develop a career plan which has both career short-term objectives and long-term goals.

Lastly, the crucial activity is setting up an action plan that identifies how these objectives and goals will be achieved (Career & Employment Workshops). This plan should have a clearly developed step by step structure that will be followed and a time line that is realistic when these goals and objectives are expected to be achieved.

In conclusion, the above stated activities that take place in a career planning work shop help to reveal certain talents that the individual have, receive a promotion and set new career oriented goals.


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