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Different people have different opinion whether poetry is a vital language for children to grow up sensible people. However, some people are of the opinion that poetry is the language that strengthens and matures the brain and mind. According to Billy (1992), "poetry is an arrangement of words, especially a rhythmical composition, sometimes rhymed, in a style more imaginative than ordinary speech." In addition to the above, poetry gives more opportunities and it is good for the children in the long run. Being a poet is a passion in oneself. This draws on the idea of the Gary Snyder Dream directly that, a person has time to consider his or her actions and acts with the desire to take conditions of people by statesmen.

Poetry work has been developing   in modern world from the ancient work but it is worth noting that most ancient Poetry works still stand out as magnificent and special work of arts. The most outstanding Poetry work comes from memorials, civic and royal palaces. In the city of New York the most primitive peoples have made good use of it, and the most civilized have cultivated it. Gary Snyder and American Poetry ‘How Poetry Comes to Me, present historical facts about the American independent and hope to the immigrant in the united State of America, and how he acquires inspiration through his poem. This work has the element form as depicts a condensed and a succinct poem with six lines reflecting his creative work. The elements of poetry also bring about the idea and mind of a poet and relay his ideas and points clearly. In the statue of poetry, it can be depicted from the torch the image, historical artifacts and descriptive text, full scale replicas of the Statue's face and foot are also on display. The element of poetry is also presented in the art of statue of Liberty with its positive imagine of reminding people of history in the independence of America and various nations.

Poetry is a language which can take many lives to its province with a motive of providing a clear and understanding of people’s lives. In addition to the above, the existence of poetry has significantly improved communication experience and deepened people’s knowledge and senses effectively. Metaphor, beautiful diction and personification, poetically in person’s poem, can articulate the brilliant process of creation. According to Snyder (1992), ‘’he invigorates the process, to the point that the creative force takes on a life on its own, blundering entity bent on finding the form giver.’’ Furthermore   it can be discerned that the growth of poetry work have emerged as important source of authority that place limits on state sovereignty

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It is important to understand   that Gary Snyder and Ian McEwan all had experience in poetry works. They all provide similar ideologies on the response to the poetry. For McEwan response was that the poetry is created because of many factors and few people were not solely responsible for it. According to him it was due to passion and quest for social justice that brings about the educative poem. McEwan views and response to the poetry was more holistic, in his work he brings the notion of origin of moral which unfold at an individual level and ethics. He calls for ethics transformation after the poem, and this is the only way of discovering the truth of ethics regarding poetry. He argues that Poetry, like music, contains rhythms which may affect your mood and your spirit. Collins (1992) cited a poem that reveals mysterious things happening to people. And it goes:

“Over the rainy day mountain

Past the laughing blue rainbow

Gliding in the cloudless ivory sky

The young Happiness bird

In the freedom of the quiet solitude or

with a loved-one friend

Always follow the beauty road

Gliding in the cloudless ivory sky

Past the laughing blue rainbow

Over the rainy day mountain

Forever in happiness

Forever in beauty


Through the use of these resources and materials, it can be noted that poetry comes alive on the stage in its highest order. Marc, present first hand response inside knowledge of the poetry. For him the desire and hope to live citing poem, was the most encouraging thing that append to him in the concentration camp. In addition to the above, He presents belief that poetry's primary motivational force is the search for meaning, and the work of the logo poetry centres on helping the children traumatised people find personal meaning in life, however dismal the circumstances may be. Several historical events have occurred in America and their impacts are felt today due to the poetry creation. It is therefore understood that the nature and creativity serve as the most of the poem’s main themes.

 According to Snyder, (1992), “the setting of the scene, a campsite, implies that nature or solitude is the impetus for his creativity.”

Even though it takes quite long to know poem, one is expected to give his self and more so poem a priority. Poem generally requires more than one exposure, just like a song or a person does. Reading a poem is not like reading the newspaper. Here's where many people get mixed up. It has been depicted, that in all countries and ages, poetry has been recommended a very crucial element in education and regarded as the language that draws on senses of people, and not basically for luxury. According to Olivia (1987), “Poetry achieves its extra dimensions per word by employing devices including metaphor, allusion, sound, repetition, rhythm, irony, symbol, connotation and imagery. Using these resources and the materials of life, poetry, in its highest form, comes alive on the page.” Engrossing and honest, poetry extends universally to all members of societycan be said to be the root cause of rising rate of education in most part of the developed countries. It is understood that more than thirty seven million people in America lives in these resources and the materials of life, poetry, in its highest form among the population of lower class, these areas have greater awareness and understanding of the world.

In conclusion, poems Perspective present that, “people themselves are not accountable for their actions, but rather their actions were caused based upon a failure of society to prevent the poetry practice, for example, neighborhoods create after school programs, to help deter children from roaming the streets after school looking for trouble” (Ian 2012).  However, neighborhoods that tend to not have such programs tend to also report higher rates of crime from gangs and unattended children. According to Ian (2012), “social responsibility perspective states each person makes a knowing choice to commit a crime.” and therefore, full responsibility should be taken for their choice, instead of trying to blame the lack of social programs, or even other people for the crimes in which they commit. It is imperative to understand that neighborhood with programs poetry work, that help to keep the children be organized and occupied tend to have lower rates of vandalism and gang activities.


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