Free «How I Celebrated Halloween in the Past» Essay Sample

Time for festivities have been the most interesting in my life. In the western Christian culture, Halloween is an eve meant for all saints. Some people have engaged in different things based on how well they define and understand Halloween. It is not a different case for me in general. During Halloween, I have been actively involved in decorating my home and yard. I have invited friends to spend the day watching horror movies. It has been a very exciting moment for me, despite this day is not known by many people, who just watch it as it passes. It is one of my remarkable celebration days on my calendar.

Halloween has, therefore, been a good moment for me characterized with lots of activity, fun, and entertainment in the company of friends. The night prior to Halloween is normally bright for me and gets exciting even as the day approaches. I usually walk down the streets and shop for decorations and considering which would be best for my neighborhood. Light blue decorations usually make my day. It is not always my choice alone and would also welcome opinions from my friends. I want them to enjoy this day as well. It is the only way they get to have fun being part of the decision making process.

I have always waited for this special day in my life and prepared for it well. It is a day that I would not want to miss out on anything I have planned for. I have always made sure that I got everything in place as far as my home, yard, and entertainment for my friends are concerned. Halloween has been a good time for me as I thought about what I have accomplished during the year and what I can do to make the year a whole success for me. I have always made sure that I reach out to my friends in the neighborhood and made them comfortable in my house where there is lots of fun and enjoyment.


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