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My life is full of experiences which have given me momentum to face life boldly. Being a Chinese immigrant, learning took an interesting twist since I have to learn the English language before I pursue my career of choice. Towards this, I took a time to imagine why I cannot make it and realize that nothing is difficult. One day I met an old man on who was taking an evening walk road. The old man greeted me and then said a couple things which I could not understand by then. I felt very bad since I missed a session of advice from the old man.this is because he seemed so much enthusiastic and he wanted to talk to me. From this day I have an inner drive which pushed me to learn English so that I can be a good writer. To ensure that I achieve my goal of being a good writer, I got smart and bought English dictionary and an array of novels so that I can read and understand. In addition, continuous communication in English without fearing making mistakes has transformed me to be a good communicator. This essay takes a critical analysis of my journey as a writer and some of the events which have shaped my life in this line carrier.

The examination of epiphany in relation to academic progress. One big question which is asked is that: Is it possible to develop or progress without experiencing an epiphany? My answer is no, it is impossible. This is because human life is full of epiphanies and it's what create an inspiration to follow a given path in life. The motivation which is derived from the concept of epiphany is so much transformer that one become a completely new individual. New in the sense that he or she acquire new character traits, principles and way of life.

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One memorable moment in my life is when I was given a chance to tell the class more about myself. It happened that at this moment in time I had not mastered English well enough to enable me communicate my thoughts. I stood up and said “good morning class?”but to my amazement I could not move on from there. This occurrence rejuvenated my quest to know English well not only to communicate but also to help change the world by bringing out new thoughts to solve conventional global problems. From that day in class I got unimaginable urge and motivation to learn not only English but also other subject with the aim of getting deep and insightful information.

My realization that I am human and I am bound to make a mistake has made me a happy person. This has given me the opportunity to accept the truth of human freedom. Consequently I have felt relived and enthusiastic. This is the epiphany in human life. This is because this manifestation makes one realize that there is no perfection. Human life should be distinct and anchored on firm principle. The principles which people practice is normally gotten through enlightenment which brought about by epiphany.

Epiphany enhances a person’s learning and the search for truth that calls for questioning almost everything. For instance epiphany is illustrated when Brody says, Brody “My first opportunity came one day in the cafeteria line. I looked behind me and there she was”(1) In this regard, the drive in a person to enhance his or her knowledge, skills or understanding is normally motivated by doubt and curiosity. The urge to realize the truth is then determined through questions that the researcher formulates and seeks to find answers to. The questions may sometimes be simple yet seek clear facts, or complex questions that call for an in-depth analysis into concepts, beliefs and background information.In this regard the question why is in handy and may provide an answer that offer a solution to learning needs. With respect to epiphany, the above occurrence brought about a greater level of enlightenment in my life. This enlightenment of the search for knowledge has positively changed my life.

Epiphany in the spiritual realm is also a great thing to experience. I have never believed in the existence of God until one day I was preached to by one pastor in a local church. The preaching and close meditation of the word of God made realize that indeed there is God in human life. From that day, my motivation to learn more about God and live a true and righteous life has ever changed my life. This is one the practical epiphany in my life which has given me a new light and changed my perception of god and religion.

In conclusion, epiphany offers an opportunity to transform and take a completely different path in life. Epiphany exist in different ways which include spiritual epiphany. Spiritual epiphany makes one realize the importance of God in human life and therefore he or she can make a choice to follow the teaching of God. Similarly, epiphany makes learning continuum and renders the truth subjective not objective. In addition, posing the question why is important in critical thinking and knowledge development.Epiphany is therefore very important in human life. It defines the path which an individual takes in life and spells out his or her behavior in the society.


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