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Computer ethics is based on traditional ethical principles and norms. Before I find myself in a compromising situation involving computer use, I would take into account the following rules and ethical standards. My personal code of ethics involves moral and social responsibility issues, fair treatment of all users in the Internet. I recognize that users have no choice but to rely upon information they receive vie mail and website. But this also means that users are rarely able to evaluate the professional's competence and the value of information.

My personal code of ethics is based on the Judeo-Christian ethic. This ethics generally considered to be the foundation of Western ethical and moral standards. The Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule are firmly ingrained in my ethic as is the Protestant work ethic and faith, love, charity, fairness, and justice. In the Internet, the problem today is that much of this basic truth has either been distorted, corrupted or applied only under certain circumstances or to the other person. It is not difficult to get most people to agree with the Ten Commandments, or at least on Commandments 3 through 10; that is, to agree with them in general or as they might apply to someone else. The main commandments acceptable in computer world are: "Do not steal”, "Do not bear false witness against your neighbor", "Do not swear falsely” (Johnson 43).

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I recognize that if a user wants to be told the truth then he/she tells the truth; if he/she wants to be treated fairly, then treats others fairly. Since most countries and religions of the world have some form of belief that comes close to the part of the Golden Rule that relates to treating others as you want them to treat you, then in theory if properly adhered to it can personalize business relations as well as bring fairness into business. The only problems with this is that unless all parties involved also believe in and adhere to the Ten Commandments there may be marked difference in what constitutes fairness, love, charity, and justice between the parties whenever any exchange situation exists. Without a common foundation upon which to build, there are bound to be many differences and many problems (Johnson 87).

Before I find myself in a compromising situation involving computer use, I would take into account the fat that language and word usage should be clear and concise for all users. One who seeks admittance must demonstrate understanding of and acceptance of the profession's language game. The knowledge possessed by each profession is a source of power for that profession. Through their publications, meetings, examination syllabi, and other activities, various professional associations have historically played a role in defining and furthering the technical aspects of the profession, deciding who is competent to practice in that profession, and elaborating the discourse carried on by that particular profession. Moreover, criminal justice is increasingly required to satisfy continuing education requirements in order to keep their professional status. Because we accept people from different races, religions, and cultures as members of the professional community, it is important that we include them in the professional community. Inclusion means among other things that these criminal justice professionals can rise to the level of partner in criminal justice and to the highest level of management in corporations (Johnson 77).

I accept the position that a computer user should recognize the mere fact that there are other beings in the world whose condition can be made better. Fair treatment of all users and objective evaluation of information available in the Internet are the main success factors for me.


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