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I have always had the desire to go to Africa in order to work with the local people through applying my skills and knowledge acquired to bring about change in computer science research. My goal is to obtain the four week summer internship involving computer science research, design or development, with special interest in humanitarian and environmental issues. My background academic experience has equipped me with the required skills that will perfectly blend my mission during the summer internship period. I am a Computer Science graduate from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and currently also enrolled in a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York.

My academic experience, coupled with my years of practical experience in the job markets in various countries makes me qualified for four weeks summer internship. To begin with, I grew up in the US until I was seven, then moved to England for 2 years, Japan for 6years, Singapore for 2years then to Thailand for 2years, where I graduated from the International School of Bangkok. I had an opportunity to work as a volunteer at En World while in Japan and also as an intern during summer at NASA, in Washington D.C. These experiences have equipped me with international worldviews and diverse cultures in the European countries and thus an opportunity to be in Ghana for a summer internship will be my first encounter in Africa hence making my global experience complete.

I firmly believe that a successful education system is that which is broad-based in nature and includes learning of other people's cultures, their ways of life and how academic disciplines such as computer science can be effectively integrated into their daily lives to make them better. I will take to Ghana a blend of fresh ideas and diverse experiences acquired from these countries. Ghana is one of the African countries that is rapidly growing in terms of IT and information revolution. My skills in using softwares such as Adobe Acrobat, Visual Basics, Microsoft Office suite and proficient computer languages like: C/C++, Java, Perl, GML, and HTML coding will come in handy to help in developing programming projects similar to those adopted by developed countries I have visited; with an aim of mobilizing the local design team to grasp skills and concepts that will push Ghana's global technological agenda forward.

I will make significant contributions to the design team through teaching Information Technology related topics and the English language. In order to make the education and learning process more interesting, I will get actively involved in assisting with organization of sports events, games and other socio-cultural events aimed at uniting the local community to embrace the modern technologies. These activities will also help members acquire other general skills that are vital in succeeding in the global market today such as; interpersonal communication, organizational and leadership skills, teamwork, sales and marketing, public relations and good customer service relations. Culture integration will be the core focus of the extra co-curriculum activities. I will also share knowledge through answering questions on how other developed countries of the world have made it, based on the strategies adopted. I am looking forward for the Ghana exchange program that will enable me be part of the team that is making a difference in Africa.


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