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My Dreams

Each person, born in this world, will grow up nurtured and influenced by the family as well as the external environment. These influences will help to shape one’s individuality and personality. As one grows up, he or she will always have much experience and will achieve accomplishments that one will always take pride in and hold close to the heart throughout ones life.  These experiences will shape one’s dreams and aspirations into adulthood.  The person who has played the greatest role in influencing my destiny is my uncle, who was always a great believer in one’s goals with passion and a positive spirit.  From my very early years, I sensed this and it affected me greatly.

My Background

I was raised by people who believed in the importance of business in society and as a means to develop one’s personality.  From an early age, I was involved in the study of business strategies.  These were inculcated in me as a means to develop myself and I learnt to appreciate that I could develop my own self expression through business skills. My uncle taught me to believe in myself and to follow the career path that I wanted to pursue. 

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We can talk about business as a future career path, but it is so broad and it is almost a cliché to talk about the ways to develop a career in business. There are so many sectors and different types of business to be explored.  I was fortunate that I discovered very early on, and influenced by my uncle,  I had a talent in baking and this led me to develop a career in this type of business.  I was able to purse my passion for baking and also to use it to develop a very satisfying business career.

I have been passionate about baking since childhood when I was so obsessed with it that I would choose to stay at home baking while my friends ran off to the beach.  My beach outings would be substituted with the visits to industrial bakeries and factories.  My culturally diverse family background helped me to set high personal objectives, one of which was mastering five languages by the time I was 18 years old.  This exposure to a multi-culture panoramic vista gave me a unique perspective on life and gave me an insight into different political movements, personal attitudes and social ideas that many South Americans may not be familiar with.

Due to this diversity, I am able to view things with a broad perspective and this has led to my hunger for travel.  After attending a conference on business and entrepreneurship, it became clear to me that it was I who launched myself on the path of business as a career path and did not feel that it was a path thrust upon me by my parents.  Participating in AISEC activities in marketing and an internship on the Stock Market as well as attendance in business classed proved that it was my strong suit.

When I started high school, greatly influenced by my uncle, I started my first business – a bakery. I started out by baking to order. I would take orders from friends and acquaintances. Moreover, it was a time to save a place during these years and I found the whole experience really exhilarating.  What I really love about this business is that it gives me an avenue to express my creative side.  Travelling has helped me to learn about different foods from different cultures and I have been able to mix ingredients from all over the world and develop new products for the market that is just as diverse as my background.

The unique nature of this country may be symbolized by a special Peruvian desert.  It contains a mélange of ingredients that represent the various cultures of Peru.  Every ingredient is significant as it represents a different culture or tradition.  I love Peruvian baking so much that I had to share my passion for it with other people in the business. Previously, my desire to share my country with the rest of the world was suppressed by a fear of failure.  However, during a trip to Brazil, I seized an opportunity to introduce the Brazilians to our spectacular Peruvian products and opened a bakery there, in partnership with my family.  This bakery has been a great success.  I travel to Brazil frequently to teach the bakery staff new Peruvian recipes.  Our Peruvian foods are greatly loved in Brazil. 

I can say that my family, especially my uncle, has made a great impact on me in various ways.  They have taught me that anything is possible in life,and that it is possible to achieve your dreams and aspirations without compromising your moral code of conduct.  I am proud that I have been able to achieve all this while still remaining true to myself.


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