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Apple, the second biggest global brand of 2012, has become synonymous with stylish, creative and easy to use products. It is as much popular with the elder people as it is with the young ones. Apple’s products are used by people of all demographics and are universally liked by them. However, the importance of the young generation waiting for to buy the next Apple product cannot be underestimated.

The Macintosh computers have been highly liked by the college students and the recent research has showed that almost 80% of the freshmen prefer their Macs over Pc’s. Apple’s Macintosh computers perceptions have significantly changed too. Earlier, students thought of Macs as systems that were best for highly technical use such as complex softwares relating to creative arts. But now Macs are thought more of as easy to use computers with easy usability and as a more complete system.

There are 4 major products of Apple that include Macintosh computers, IPhones, IPods and IPads. All these gadgets are highly profitable for the company as they have high turnovers in the market and are in high demand with the college students also. Almost each college student uses at least one product of the Apple brand in today’s times.

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College students use Apple’s products in several different ways. Macintosh computers are mostly used by students for making presentations, taking notes during their classes, and working on their projects involving the usage of complex softwares related to the creative fields such as Architecture. On the other hand IPads are mostly used by students for entertainment purposes. IPads are used for watching movies on the go, playing high quality games, using different applications and killing time in general. IPhones which revolutionized the smartphone industry are used for daily communication needs. It is also used for its high quality numbers of applications that are both useful and fun and also it is used to take great quality images in order to share it with others. IPods are used by students to listen to their music and to customize it according to their needs and develop a personal playlist.

The brand name of Apple and its products are thought of as very creative, revolutionary and stylish at the same time. College students think of the Apple products as very helpful at the functional level as well as a stylishly made product that looks good while using and carrying it. Whether it be the Macintosh or the IPhones, each Apple product is made keeping in mind the aesthetics and the symbol it carries with it. College students tend to get attracted to products that enhanced their status symbol in the student society and gets others attention towards them. And therefore Apples products are designed in a way that are shiny and good looking and students like to show off their Apple products.

The general thinking of the students in colleges regarding Apple is very positive. Students think highly of the Apple products and are always looking towards the next product that Apple will bring out in the market. Students wait excitingly for the next revolutionary product that Apple will launch and they want to get on the Apple bandwagon as soon as possible.

The remarkable success of the company in a short span of time is inspirational for the college students and many of the college students want to become the next Steve Jobs. The successful business model that Apple has created and the products that it creates make each student want to study more about the Apple Company and the reasons for its success. And in the end, whether students are impressed by Apple or not, they certainly are getting affected by it.


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