Free «Should Evan Try to Persuade the Board to Hang on to Rob, or should he back an Ouster for the Innovative but Abrasive CEO?» Essay Sample

Starting anything form the scratch, especially any business idea, is a really stressful, challenging and demanding endeavor, which requires a serious involvement of the person in charge in the establishment of the company, both financial and operational. There are so many things one has to worry about while going through this process: finding money and potential investors or partners, analyzing the market, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and so on. In order to pull this off, one must be a really courageous and ambitious person.

Thus, without much of an introduction, it becomes apparent that Evan Breyer, the founder and chairman of Growing Places Company, which renders child care services, is quite a solid man, who knows what he wants. He had raised this company like his own child and went through fire and water while serving as CEO up until the moment he acknowledged the fact that in order to ensure a bright future of Growing Places an injection of new blood was needed. And so it happened that Robert Miranda became a breath of fresh air for the company, bringing colossal potential to its development and pulling it out of stagnation. Rob had already proven himself to be a successful and almost «magical» entrepreneur, who could without much of a struggle bring any business to unprecedented heights (for example, a small insurance company which under his leadership had grown drastically). And so he did while serving as CEO of Growing Places. It seemed like his innovative ways of thinking gave a generous payoff, but there was also the other side of the coin. As a straightforward person, who always got what he wanted, Robert was completely devoid of sense of tact and used to demonstrate this lack of basic communication skill at many occasions, thus causing harm to the image of the entire company. Although he was getting an additional counsel on improving his communication style on a tip from Evan, it still didn't show any drastic changes in his views. But finally, he had gone too far when at a childhood education conference he enraged most of the teaching staff and employees by showing a complete disregard to them during one of his spirited speeches. One thing led to another and this unpleasantness caused a serious drop in the stock and a large negative coverage of this accident in the press. Needless to say, the board members, with a big shareholder Gwen Larson in particular, are seriously considering the possibility of firing Robert, but ultimately his fate is on the hands of Evan as he is the founder of Growing Places.

To my mind, Evan should do what he should have done a long time ago: get a grasp of the situation and take matters into his own hands. It seems to me that after Robert Miranda had succeeded him as CEO, Evan lost his grip and just went with the stream. As a creator of Growing Places, it is impossible for him not to realize that Robert is the one who brought the company to the current success and he is probably the only one who could maintain that course. That’s why Evan should show his character and insist on Robert leaving as CEO. Moreover, after that Breyer should reprimand Rob regarding his inappropriate behavior but still let him cope with a more of big-picture stuff, leaving public relations of the company up to himself. Thereby, the company won’t lose a valuable employee and will also regain its lost leader. In modern information environment, it is nearly impossible for one person to be the only public face of the company, but with Robert Miranda as CEO and Evan Breyer as Head of Public Affairs, Growing Places, undoubtedly, will reach even greater heights.


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