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There are many arguments whether the world will be able to feed itself in the foreseeable future and the best answer is that the world has no option than to do it because it is not the time of exodus when Israelites would receive manna from heaven. However, mathematically speaking the world is dramatically changing and the possibility of feeding itself is nearing zero. Until the late twentieth century, the world was able to produce enough food for its people. However, now things have changed. World Bank recently reported that thirty-three countries are facing food crises since prices of various stables have dramatically gone up. This is one of the reasons the world might not be able to feed itself in the near future. Other factors include population and climate change.

With prices of various staples soaring up, many people are unable to feed themselves since they cannot afford their routine food for daily consumption. When this happens, people stuff and the entire government strains to feed those people who live below the prices of their various food stuff. As days goes by, many people join those who cannot afford the rising costs of food in the market making the country be venerable to food crisis. As we talk about the community, we expound to the country and generalize that the world might not be able to feed itself in the near future since people will not be able to afford the food offered in their markets. The main reason why food prices are increasing is due to inflation that is affecting different parts of the world. As people remain poor, there are those who are rich making the gap between the rich and poor very wide. As a result, some people are dying of starvation while others suffering from such diseases as obesity because they have more than they need. As of 2006, there were 800 million people on the planet who were hungry, but they were outnumbered by the billion who were overweight (Wilson, 2008).

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Another reason that is making the world venerable to food crisis is the rate at which the population is growing. Day in day out, many children are born making them share the only available food produced before they were born. The space available in the world to grow food remains the same as the population increases. Logically speaking, the space is becoming small and small since farms are being converted to residential areas and people find themselves superseding the places for cultivating food. Te result is that the amount of food produced cannot be able to feed the rising population which needs more than what is being produced. Malthusian argues that famine is inevitable because the math of human existence did not add up as food grew arithmetically where as population is growing geometrically double than food production. From this it means each day the world is faced with the challenge of food security due to the increasing population.

Climate change has made the world produce less food that it would have produced in normal conditions. Global warming is the concern that has made the world produces less food than previously. As a result, some food cannot be grown in such environment and farms are becoming less productive. Climate change has been occasioned by the fact that people have decided to cut down trees and leave the world open hence environment is straining. Climate change has made the world to come up with technology to produce generic food that has really improved food production with such food as Genetically Modifies food being produced in the market. However, people have realized that there is a problem with such food and they are reverting to their previous food. This has a problem in that old ways of food production was good but cannot produce enough food for everybody. Some people have also shifted to western food which is rare, and they are making the available food to be not enough for all people.

Conclusively, it can be argued that the world will be unable to feed itself in the foreseeable future unless something is done. It is important to note that there will be no other place to get food unless something is done. World leaders need to come across the board and strategize on how to reduce prices of food products for people to afford without the rich taking too much and the poor starving. The population should be managed well through family planning and sometimes introducing a policy on the number of children each family should have. This will ensure population growth is growing with the amount of food produced. Lastly, technology should be impressed with intensive research on how to produce quality food using modern technology. People should be careful with the environment and plant trees to ensure the climate is not affected. All these will ensure that the world can feed itself in the foreseeable future otherwise it is impossible to achieve that.


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