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I am applying for admission for the MSc Programme and project Management in your institution for the year 2012-2013. University of Warwick stands out above other universities due to its exemplary performance, which has made it received recognition as one of the top ten universities in Britain. I am applying for the above master’s degree because I believe knowledge is power because it helps graduates unlock their potential in their areas of interest. Because of my passion in economics, I believe that the master’s degree will enable me gain skills and techniques that will allow me to help my country achieve its economic gains. Most important, the master’s degree will prepare me to take leadership in my father’s construction company. With significant experiences in economics, I am confident of developing sound solutions that will address issues such as high inflation and unemployment rates. Ultimately, I would like to transform my father’s construction company by improving its value to customer and stakeholders, alike.

I am applying for the MSc program because I am interested to learn how to manage project from their start until their closure. My father’s construction business deals with scores of construction projects and my experience in project management will improve my ability to manage projects once I become a manager in the firm. In the construction business, project managers have a role of managing projects and ensuring they meet some set standards. With this understanding, I look forward to gaining knowledge and skills during in the master’s program necessary to run projects for diverse clients. In many third-world countries, scores of projects fail to achieve their mandate, as some managers lack the expertise necessary to run such projects. After taking the master’s program, I am confident that I will bridge this gap by applying my skills in project management and guiding other managers during the execution of the projects. Notably, I am hoping to take my father’s business a notch higher and transform it into a success business in the construction industry.

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Warwick Manufacturing Group is the best place for one to acquire quality education that addresses needs of the current job market. Warwick Manufacturing Group has been consistent in offering quality education that is unparalleled in the region, which makes its graduates satisfy most job market. Most important, Warwick Manufacturing Group provides a perfect, diverse learning environment that promotes teamwork, personal development, and real-word exposure. With my acceptance into the program, I will gain hands-on experience by interacting with other students during discussions, joining associations of interest, and taking part in industrial visits. Given that Warwick Manufacturing Group prides for having natured some of the best scholars, I have no doubt that I will gain impressive skills and knowledge in project management during the program.

My academic background offers me a compelling reason to believe that I will succeed in the MSc program. Recently, I successfully completed a BA in economics degree along with a diploma in business. During my study of the BA in economics, I have immense experiences, which reinforced my determination to succeed in any environment. Notably, I have honed my skills in teamwork, leadership, and delivery of quality performance. Apart from these skills, I also distinguished myself as the best student in the application of knowledge learnt in class. This was evident with my willingness to share and assist my team members. Additionally, my background and cultural awareness also increased my appreciation of diversity among other students and as a result; I was successful in creating and nurturing positive relationships with my colleagues and faculty members.

My ability to focus on my goals and work with students and faculty members is another trait that gives me the confidence of applying for the MSc master’s program. Being that I will have the advantage of taking classes in project management and Programme & Project strategy among others, I believe that I will gain new insights on how to organize and manage funds, which will enhance my experience in managing projects. This opportunity motivates me because I will glean new insights from these courses and equip myself with the right education and training in these areas.

My ultimate goal is applying skills and knowledge in economics and project management to contribute to the success of projects in my father’s construction company and my country at large. With a strong background in economic and project management, I will gain from the university; I am confident that I will accomplish this objective and utilize my experiences and diversity to exploit best business practice. Given my goal and passion in transforming my father’s business, I am yearning to join the school in the above program and become part of its community of scholars. I am would be grateful if you consider my application for MSc program.


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