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This semester, the class has provided me with both a wonderful learning experience and fun. Interactive learning, communication, and writing has ensured a critical and analytical approach to the language development. The approach that has been adopted has sought not only to acquaint me with proper language use mannerisms but also taught how to appreciate proper integration of ideas. The interactive sessions have come in handy ensuring the adoption of the out-of-the-box approach and appreciating the ideas of others. I have also realized that learning and writing in a language is not built on new concepts per se, but hinge on continuous dimensions transiting from the known to the unknown. This appreciation has made me aware of the importance of previous experience, the achievements and the struggles, and their essential role which contributes to the ultimate goal of the language learning and writing perfection. Every lesson has been an eye opener for me. I appreciate the approach adopted in class.

To begin with, the initial challenge posed by the teacher proved to be inspirational to me. The realization that I had done lots of writing most of which were successful made me feel awesome. I became conscious of the successful learning I had experienced. In addition, I realized that I had achieved a lot that is proved by the wonderful grades I had got. I have covered all my grades in the English language, and all of my writing has been done in English. English is a growing language (Joseph, 2009). New words come up often, and the correct choices of words have proved to be a struggle. In addition, the pressure to sustain the levels set as one advances in the language and in school has turned to be a challenge as time has gone by. I am glad that this course has made me realize that I have done a lot regarding the language development, learning, and writing.

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Secondly, the course has taught me that writing is quite an interesting venture. It is a journey that needs to be savored. Writing is a platform where communication is enhanced in a format that can be accessed through reading. The insightful writing made me appreciate the essence of adhering to writing basics. The basics include drafting, approaching and executing a splendid introduction, making ideas flow by sticking to the outline, and referencing or citing information from the outside sources. In addition, it is very important to acknowledge academic materials and ensure that the list of references conforms to the writing standards. Based on this, I was able to evaluate my writing project one, pin point shortcomings, and discuss my essay with my classmates. I gained a lot by focusing and comparing their approaches with mine. I also appreciated the diverse views and took in the importance of uniqueness and factual excellence as a strategy to getting wonderful grades and attracting and retaining the attention of the readership.

A writer and a learner must have the ability to appreciate and infuse contemporary and outstanding ideas into a marvelous piece of writing. The details to include as well as the way of presenting them is a challenge, but when one cracks it, the key to an excellent piece of writing is becomes obvious. As a writer, I need to gather all the relevant materials, set them in place, and decide what needs to be included and what not. In addition, I need to sift the material through for the level of its importance. This calls for proper mind set-up. It also calls for commitment in research. The ability to write a good essay hinge on the willingness to take in new concepts, explore how they work, and write on them as an expert. It is also the willingness to study the language and apply its rules convincingly.

The pop culture artifact was a turning point in my writing. My focus and attitude has been positively impacted and thus I am ready to take on any tasks that come on my way. To make the process easy, a draft, an outline, and a great introduction set the pace. It also sets the mood of writing and makes the focus reliably determined to produce a significant writing. During the lessons, the willingness to engage classmates and also learn from them has propelled me to become a great writer. It has also opened a world of possibilities to me. The adventure has been immense, the bustle – tremendous, and the challenge – pleasant. I feel that the commitment, dedication, and mental presence will remain the key to excel in all writing tasks. Therefore, it is essential that I appreciate my shortcomings and improve on them in order to become an accomplished writer.

To conclude, I am grateful for all the input from peer reviews and conferences which have made me realize my mistakes. The emphasis has been made on the use of short, concise and simple sentences. Short sentences aid in clear sending of the intended message. They also eliminate ambiguity. The conferences advocated for the clear presentation of ideas and sticking to subject matter. I am also indebted to the input of my group. In discussions and general conversations, I established that it is critical to determine the crucial information and formulate a formidable way of presenting it. I also realized that the biggest writing pitfall can be obviated by ensuring the presence of mind. I am sure that most of the spelling, tense, vocabulary, and punctuation mistakes can be easily avoided. A writing that is well planned, perfectly researched, and exquisitely presented is always a great read. It is the responsibility of the writer to avoid vagueness, to be concise, and present a breathtaking essay.


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