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We always have to choose. We choose what cereals to buy at the supermarket, what blouse or tie to put on for the interview, where we go for vacations. We make choices every day, that is how life goes on.

Sometimes it happens that our choices influence our lives, our fates greatly. Other choices influence not only our lives but our relations with the others, with our family, our friends, and our beloved ones.

The short movie I have watched is called “Prodigy”. It is about a young guy who had to make the most important choice in his life. He should have decided whether to become an athlete or a musician. In the film we may see, that this young guy wanted to compare those two different spheres of life. He wanted to go on making music while studying in college where he could have got good scholarship as a sportsman. But the college didn’t have music classes. The fact that it would not go the way he wanted, made the guy upset.

His father also pressed him much. The father was a garbage collector and he didn’t want such life for his sun. That became the main argument against the son. Father recommended him to go doing sports and forget about music. That was unfair, because father made his son love both sports and music. Sooner both hobbies became passions. He could not imagine his life either without music, or with basketball.

That day the representatives of the university, where the guy could be given a good scholarship, were supposed to watch him playing basketball. But the guy did not come. Instead, he went for the audition to the music college. He was late for two hours. The auditor did not want to listen to his excuses and went away. But then he heard the guy playing and was charmed.

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The guy has made his choice; we cannot say whether it is right or not.

We cannot judge this guy. One may say that he has made a wrong choice because he refused to have good career as a sportsman. Probably, that was the reason, why the guy did not refuse the college proposition immediately.

And that is the main problem. We always want to judge people around us; if something is done not the way we would have done it, it is considered to be wrong.

Such social pressure sometimes harms not only people’s decisions, but people’s lives. What if the guy from the film, did not refuse the proposition, and chose life of a sportsman?

In my opinion, such films as “Prodigy” should be created. They teach us to choose your own way in spite of people thoughts; they teach us to be self-confident, to believe in ourselves, to be more responsible for our lives, to be more organized.

In this film, college is an educational organization and we see that the college representatives didn’t like the idea that the guy wants to have music classes. They were influenced by the society, which thinks that sportsmen cannot be musicians, they are too dumb. And that helped the guy to make a decision and to choose music instead of sport.

This short film is not just about a guy and his father who was against that the guy chooses the career of a musician instead of well-paid career of a sportsman. This movie is about life, about our daily problems, about us, about the choices we make every day.

Such films should be created, because they make us think on our own, and not to hope for someone. People should begin to make their own decisions, not to look back for what the society says.

Unfortunately, there are no legal issues shown in this film. But in my opinion, this film was worth seeing and describing. After having seen this film I have understood that not every choice may be right, and not every piece of advice may help us. But it’s our choice, and the pieces of advice given by our beloved-ones, who want us to be happy. We make our lives and not our relatives or friends. We should choose and let our choices be as good as the choice of the Prodigy.


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