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Each of us has dreams or plans for the future. For me it is important that the next stage in my life be a student of high school. And I would like to draw your attention to the fact that I do not just sit on the couch at home watching television and think how well be student. All previous years I worked hard to worthy of the title - student of high school.

I was always interested in science, and as the laws of nature. And precisely because it can be found experimentally laws that govern natural phenomena and formulate a theory that can predict new phenomena. For me not only interesting to talk about laws of nature, but it is important to participate directly in order to learn how the universe.

Nature of science began back on when the man began to feel himself like part of something unknown. This is unknown – its universe and the laws of science - its skeleton. And just bringing together all the science we can see our world. And I am confident that my knowledge will also be useful in order to better know the laws of nature.

Proof that I want tie my life with science is that I have been working hard to improve my knowledge. I can say about myself that I am energetic, hard-working, well-organized, and love to learn. I rank # 1 in my high school class. I have a strong Math background. I have finished Calculus course. My PSAT math scored 80 of 80. SAT Math Level II subject test scored 780 of 800. I have taken honor biology and honor chemistry classes, and was one of the top students in the classes. My Math background and two science classes prepared me for doing some science research. In Biology class, we did a Bird Research Project. My project was selected by teacher to submit to an Ecological Research program.

I can stay in the team, subject to its requirements. I have a critical attitude to my own actions, to the behavior of friends and frank talk about it. I am friendly, discreet and balanced. Throughout the school has been active in public and community service.

And the main thing is that I'm not dwelling there in what I know. With full confidence I will go in front to become one of the best and leading scientists to help people be closer to solving the mysteries of nature.

When I was a kid, I see many people with different diseases. I meet persons who were suffering from cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer. And the biggest problem of that people that they can’t enjoy their life, like that do healthy people. And since that time I dream help people with such kinds of illness and find the right way to can fight against it. And ill do that in order to provide a better life to all peoples who suffer from this disease who kill the body and dreams of human beings.

I want to teach people to understand nature. It gives us everything to make us feel happy. My skills are also important so that we can be helpful nature as it is for us. I believe that we live much better in the harmony than separately, which in fact is not valid.

If I am a student of high school, I am confident that my skills and napoleglevist proves any thing to the end will be the first step to my dream. I'm not afraid of learning difficulties, on the contrary it is another chance to prove himself and all that I am worth be a student of high school.


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