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National language of the United States of America

New York is one of the largest cities in the United States of America. It is very often called a “melting pot” for its diverse population. The same situation we can observe in other cities of the country. We have to admit that the U.S. has the multinational population. Creating a national language would provide some difficulties for people who came to the America from other countries. I think that the introduction of one national language should not be provided in order to save the cultural and historical features of the U.S.

The measure to vote for the legislation of the English language as a national language never came to a Congress. Public authorities of the USA never accepted English as official language despite the numerous attempts of different organizations. The attempts to establish the English language failed, as the country has other languages that are in use by the population. The country should tolerate it mostly due to the spread of Spanish. The approval to recognize English language as national would cause problems for people who speak Spanish and other languages. If we take a look back to the time when the USA just became independent, we will see that from that time the country has been a multinational society. There were commonly used about twenty different languages. In my opinion, we would destroy the historical identity of the American nation by the bill that would provide a single language in the USA. I think that the Congress should not declare the bill about one state language. The United States of America is a country of immigrants. In a matter of a fact, there is no such nation as American. Originally, it was a population from the European colonists and Indians. We could not leave this fact behind. That is why giving official status to one language infringed the rights of full citizens who do not know the full English.       

On the other hand, some citizens strongly believe that the authority should provide English as the national language. They think that multinational diversity hinders the development of the American culture and separates the country unity apart to different foreign communities. It leads to the establishment of various cultural communities, such China town, inside the cities. In contrast to the Americans, they do not want to abandon their language and cultural traditions. Such situation could lead to the introducing of alien cultural features to the heritage of the USA. However, we have to keep in mind that many businesses and economical organizations maintain the documentation in all languages of their customers. The significant part of the employment is based on the employees that do not know English well. It would be difficult for them and for the whole economical system to rebuild their structure without negative consequences.

As I think, the USA is not ready to provide one official language for the whole country. The flow of immigrants continues to fill the population of the country with people who do not know English. The existence of the national language would be the discrimination for the newcomers and those who live here for years. It would be more difficult for older people who probably are not able to learn new languages anymore.

Making the conclusion, I would like to say that each country should have the national language. However, from the early beginning, the United States of America declared itself as a country with various different languages. Its cultural and historical heritage is based on the contributions of different nations. Thereby, the establishment of the one official language could change the American identity.


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