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The choice of university is a huge step in life for everyone. You have to decide to which University you want to entrust your future. I have entrusted my future to Penn State. There is a huge staff of high professional teachers and a very friendly community of students. There I can discover new talents, develop my old talents, make new friends and get highly qualified knowledge of computer science.

I have chosen Penn State University because it is one of the best in the U.S. with different areas of study. In this university, I can get the knowledge that I couldn't even dream to gain in Kazakhstan or Russia. This university has the huge research centers. Penn State University has proved its respectability, honor and reliability during two centuries.

For me, Penn State has already become the home. I have joined the everyday lives of students. I have many friends among the Americans, and they have become my family. Many of them either juniors or seniors, but they treat me as equal person though my serious ideas and intentions.

My major is computer science. Nowadays computer is the most important and trustful source of information. Internet technologies give us access to the worldwide knowledge, which people couldn't even imagine hundreds years ago. For me, computer technology is the world's future, where I'm going to take an active part. Even at this moment I do not stop my self-education. I'm taking online courses in “C++” programming, because I want to be prepared for any difficulties that my major will provide for me.

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The reason why I chose computer science is in my childhood. When I was a child, I used to study hardware and software technologies. When I was 9 years old, I was able to assemble any computer and fix any problem related to the software. Later, I learned the hypertext markup language "HTML", and studied the basics of “PHP”. It gave me the stimulus to my further self-development. Then I decided to open my small business. In 13 years, I saved the money that parents had been giving to me for lunch during the months. I rented the serve on this money. There I set up my website and opened a game server. Within a month, I advertised my little project, and by the end of third week I had more than 20 regular clients from all CIS. I maintained and updated my server by myself and my parents did not know about that. After three months, I was a bit tired because I simultaneously studied at school, attended guitar lessons, professional singing and dancing courses. I decided to sell this server to my friend from Russia, whom I had met before in the Internet. I sold this server for $ 300. It was the first money that I earned due to my efforts. When I showed my parents money and told them how I had earned it, they were very proud of me. After that, my parents offered me to study computer science major abroad. I was so glad and couldn`t put into words. After that, I did promised myself to get the best education and become qualified computer programmer.

I have great ambitions. During my future studying at the university, I want to learn three languages. The first language is French. That’s why I have joined the French club. I know many members of the French Club, as well as the president of the French Association. He is my friend whose name is Sasha Cohen. In the first semester, I'm going to take French lessons. I know the teacher from France who will be glad to see me in her class.

The Second language, that I'm going to learn, is Chinese. I have many friends among the Chinese Students Association. Some of them are born in the United States, and others are international students. I'm interested in learning Chinese, because it is the language of the future.

The Third language is German. I have met a lot of people from German in Penn State. My father is also fluent in German. These two reasons encourage me to learn German language in the future.

I have a real pack of hobbies that I would like to realize and develop. I can play the guitar. I have already joined the community of guitar musicians in Penn State. I try to help them in the community promotion.

I'm a composer of electronic music. Right now, I'm in EDMC Club and I have friends there. I'm going to make the anthem of THON in electronic music style.

I'm also an excellent dancer. I have some skills in modern and professional ballroom dancing. At this moment, I with Kazakh Student Association are preparing for the Charity Ball. We are going to give all earned money for a charity. I also have a couple of American friends who know how to dance hip-hop. Every time when we meet each other we start competing who is the best.

I am a professional singer. In the future I want to attend a choir and participate in various concerts as the singer.

I am an active participant in the Kazakh Students Association. We take part in homecoming parade. We also have organized and conducted Kazakhstan's Independence Day in Alumni Hall. I participated there as the sound director and the singer. I'm also going to participate in THON charity event.

My future plan is to continue being an ardent activist of all events in Penn State and to help the university to be the best of the best. I will do my best!


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