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What we can do to save our country

The economic growth and the development of the democracy in society should provide the population of the country with decent living conditions and common wealth of the country’s members. These two factors are existent and well developed in our country. However, it is impossible to see the happiness in each family of the country. It seems that situation should be much better that it is right now. The high rate of unemployment, race discrimination, many types of the diseases, political interference in the international military affairs, the high rate of crime and murders, drug and alcohol addictions, any civil movement for different types of rights, and many others create the atmosphere that we have to save our country. We have to do something in order to protect the future generation from all these threats. There could be many solutions for achieving the desirable results. However, they will be built on the weak basis. The key components of any country or nation are the relationship in the family and community and their strong communication and connection with the country.

  If we took a look at the building and began to take the bricks away from it one by one, we would see that the building would collapse in a short period of time. We can state that the country is that building and each brick represents the family union. It is obvious that without strong family there could not be bright and stable future for the country. The future members of the society are obtaining their main and fundamental principles of life in accordance with the family rules and regulations. Person receives the basic knowledge and moral values of this life from the childhood experience. “It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that youth from a stable home are going to be better behaved than youth from a home that is racked with strife” (Neff). Thus, the prosperity of the country depends on the internal relationship between the parents and their children. However, a stable family means the appearance of both parents and children. Today, many couples do not want to have children in order to have the freedom of choice and more time for their carrier opportunities. It is the serious issue for the current generation to keep in mind. Couples that do not want have children are just people who are ready to live under one roof. They cannot bring benefits for the society, as they only want to live for themselves.   

The family is the strongest unit of the future prosperity of the country. The strong family means the strong country. The government could seek to increase the economic growth, consumption, or other factors, but it will always face the decline or recession. We have to do something in order to strengthen the idea of the importance of the strong family in people’s minds. It is not difficult to imagine what we could achieve with society in which each family is seeking to make its relationship as strong as possible. In the strong family, parents are trying to share their experience and skills with their children. If the parents are good in science, they are trying to share it with children. In turn, children seek to improve the parents’ experience and make it more thorough and better. If each family could organize the transition of its experience to the children with further improvements, we would reach the unbelievable progress in three generations. If we took those steps 60-80 years ago, we would definitely think today not about how to reach the Mars or debate about possibility to live there. We would probably search for the living opportunities beyond the Solar System or may be our Galaxy.  We would live on the planet, where the principles of the society would be based not on the democracy with military actions but on the principles of honesty, kindness, respect, mutual understanding, and absolute peace..        

The strong family is the basis for the strong community. The strong community is the basis for the strong village, city, and country. The good relationship between the family members could solve all the problems. The community with strong families could both solve the problems and increase the financial and moral value of the community. The government and local authority have to do everything possible to strengthen the relationship outside and inside the community and family. The country policy should be directed on the establishment of the control and regulations on the community. The great example is the community policing. “Community policing is a philosophy that promotes organizational strategies, which support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving techniques, to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime” (“Community Policing Defined”). It is the approach that is based on the tied relationship between the police officers and members of the community. This practice gave the significant result in reducing crimes and murders at the streets of the community. The next example is Chinese who make together their morning exercises. “Chinese people, especially the middle-aged and elderly, have developed the habit of exercising each morning to improve their health. When they do the exercises, they are filled with delight and youthful vigor” (“Unique morning exercises…”). Such nation will be always healthy. The health means the ability to accomplish any task in any age.      

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that the state should be interested in the society with strong families and friendly communities. This would lead to the less abandoned children, less single mothers, fewer and fewer adults with various diseases. It would reduce the crime rate, alcoholism, abortions, prostitutions, drug abuse, etc. It would increase the development of the medicine, science, technology, and other aspects of the country’s development. It would save our country as one undivided part and bring it to the better future.


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