Free «Three Main Goals for College» Essay Sample

I have always been fascinated with business and have always wanted to learn how to run my own business effectively. However, my current school does not offer me the opportunity to major in business/accounting the way which will definitely prepare me for my future career. This is the reason I apply for a transfer to your college. This essay will briefly outline my academic and career goals related to my further education.

I have three main goals for college. Firstly, my major academic goal is to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management/Accounting. Secondly, I want to learn a lot about business. Finally, I am keen on improving my math skills.

In detail, I would like explore the subjects related to business management and accounting in-depth, to develop my capacity of critical thinking and reasoning, to benefit from the hands-on experience offered by your college, and emerge a highly qualified and resourceful business management professional. After I complete my studies, I envision myself a goal-driven business professional with exemplary analytical skills and creative attitude. Besides, I hope to emerge an effective problem-solver with exemplary communication skills.

After earning my business degree, I intend to return to my home town and set up my own business. I would want to open a clothing store there. I am aware that my business will probably have to start small; however, in the next two or three years, I would want it to branch out and cover the area of the state. The skills that I will learn in this college will be exceptionally useful in helping me to start my business. By earning my major in business from your college, I will fulfill my lifelong dream. So I am looking forward to going to this college.


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