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Writing from the Arabic region, the region that lives today in its “Arab Spring" seasons where people take to the streets to demonstrate against bad leaders and their governments for outright corruption and infliction of financial misery on the lowly in the society. I am writing from Saudi Arabia, one of the most competitive economies in the Middle East and the rest of the world. In addition, it is a country that is open to investments by private businesses and joint stock companies that emphasize on quality in every operational aspect.

From my childhood days, I was affected by my staunch religious nature and personality. I always criticized other peoples’ actions basing our ethics and moral norms. I mostly based on people whose actions influenced me. For instance, my father, teachers, school and university staff, and my managers. I believe God created this world in a way that gives everyone an opportunity to achieve his goals if he acts ethically. During my childhood, I always paid attention to my father’s actions in leading our family. I would then reflect on the results of these actions. I would argue with him about his decisions and their level of ethics. This was when they tended, to affect the competition between my brothers and I. This habit grew in me gradually. While, at school, I would pay attention to teachers and the head teacher regarding the management of the school. I always asked them about an ethical way of grading students and evaluating teachers’ performance. I still remember the time I reported to the head teacher about a teacher who sold examination questions to rich students who scored highly. After graduating from high school, I wanted study Islamic law to achieve my life goals and spread justice. I changed my mind and opted for engineering due to the economic situation, labor market and personality reputation. From the engineering school, I learnt vital topics relating critical thinking and time management. After graduation, there was a decline in the chances to pursue higher-level degrees due to political instability and decrease in oil prices. Due to these reasons, I did proceed to higher levels of education.

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I have worked for three different organizations in the telecommunication industry. Two of them are pure commercial organizations, and one is a semi -government. To gain experience, I worked in different positions ranking form engineering, management and regulation. I had many work achievements during my work life in all organizations. For example, I helped the first operator in designing many citywide wireless networks that cost billions of dollars and managed their implementation plans by leading a group of a multinational team of experts. After five years in building telecommunication networks, I transferred to a second operator where I worked in the regulator department. This vital department ensures quality standards are observed. After a successful life in my second job, I was offered an opportunity by the country’s telecommunication regulator to help develop a good and strong telecommunication market that promotes competition, transparency and optimization of scarce resources. While, in this sector, I enrolled for an MBA program offered by Prince Sultan University the first private university in the country. This program attracted me with its excellent and balanced courses in business and the fact that they were planned with the consultation and review of the French institution, INSEAD. In February 2011, I graduated from this program with an Honors and a GPA of 3.83/4. During my work life, I always paid attention to the leaders that I met and their passion for better performance. I am very always interested in the ethical value of their decisions. I still remember one of my managers who never shared decision-making with other employees for better performance. I still think about that General manager who manipulated the figures of his department’s performance in his presentation to the board of directors in order to gain favor. I am very interested in an effective way of behavioral auditing that controls and prevents unethical managers’ decisions and behaviors. Corporate governance has been applied in all the companies I worked for to protect shareholders’ interests. All of these issues have motivated me to return to my dream of creating ethical and just organizations with superior performance. I am thus motivated to apply for the Doctor of Philosophy program at Harvard business school.

I am very interested in conducting researches relating to moral and responsible leadership, corporate governance and corporate accountability. I am interested in knowing if ethical behavior results in better performance. I am also interested in corporate governance and its ethical aspects. I admire its goals in controlling management actions and support of stakeholders’ interests. Corporate governance has become one of the hottest topics in the world especially under recent economic crises. I am anticipating to work with Dr. Lynn S. Paine, Dr.Joseph L. Badaracco, Dr. Rakesh Khurana, Jay W. Lorsch, Dr. Robert B. Stobaugh or Dr. Cynthia A. Montgomery I hope to follow their footsteps in my academic, career path. I began reading their researches and realized that I need to continue with my graduate education under the provision that would define my future career and benefit the future economic and business environment in Saudi Arabia. I will be offered a full government scholarship for the program. While I plan to contribute, I know that I will benefit greatly from the diverse experiences of my talented professors and classmates. I want excellent education that associates me with both students and faculty of the highest caliber. The key contacts that I develop during the program and the alumni network accessible to me afterwards will provide me with a constant source of information and support. I would like to live part of my life with my family in a positive and creative environment such as the US. My long-term objective is to prepare myself for a teaching career in prestigious universities around the world in matters relating to ethics, business and leadership. I always enjoy addressing new subject just as a researcher does. Routine jobs with much repetition do not appeal to me. What does appeal to me is teaching, researching, and looking for new information. I believe the Doctoral program is the next logic step for me in my career path, and I am anticipating it.

Finally, It is vital to highlight that I plan to be a ‘Saudi Ambassador’ to the Harvard community. This will help to bridge the schism that has evolved between the two great civilizations in the recent past. I am a firm believer in education, tolerance, robust debate, and constructive communication.


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