Free «NAEYC's Position Statement on Child Abuse» Essay Sample

  1. First of all, I have been influenced with the statistical data, proving that the 90% of children abusing is done by the parents or other relatives. Another fact which has insisted on the importance of the careful approach towards employment of the staff to the educational establishments is that the majority of abusing is made not by the educators, but by the individuals, who have the possibility of access to young children but are not responsible for their care and education. The last fact, which has influenced me is the possibility of reducing the likelihood of child abuse by family members, while applying the tool of establishing supporting relationships between the family members.

2. The 6 points for Program Policies imply: involving of the adequate number of qualified staff to the work with children. In our establishment such program assists in development of individual approach towards each child and in meeting all the requirements of one’s self realization and development of the mental skills. I completely agree with such approach in the light of our establishment educational activity. The second aspect of the program is creating such environment for children interaction, which would reduce the risk of abusive behavior in the team under the conditions of staying alone and not being controlled by adults. In our case, it is better to implement the hidden control (web cameras) over 4-years old children in order to prevent subliminal violation and traumatism. The third aspect of the program implies the preventive measures of child abuse preventing- this approach implies informing of parents or other authorities about the potential risk for their child. To my opinion, this is an important measure, because the end responsibility for the child lies on the parents and they are to participate actively in the educational process of their child. The fourth aspect is implementing clear policy for the safe and secure environment maintenance. Such approach implies the total control of the parents over the individual who takes care of a child - all the actions with the child should be conformed with parents beforehand. The fifth aspect of the program is involving parents into the educative process and motivating them to participate in the cultural life of the educational establishment. The last aspect is eliminating of the “no-touch program”, which is aimed to prevent abusing; sometimes such program does not permit the educator to prevent some disaster.

3. The Staff screening, recruitment, and retention policies are the core factors of the child rights violation. Generally all the potential employees are to be checked on different levels. Their behavior on the previous places of work should be carefully analyzed and the information should be confirmed by the previous employers or by the parents of the children, the potential employee was working with. In our establishment all the above listed recommendations are followed but to my opinion, it is important to launch additional psychological tests to the process of employment, because usually, people answer to the questions, which are not directly related to the abusive attitude towards children and the whole picture of the employees’ inner world may be seen due to such test.

4. “Programs should strongly encourage and provide ample opportunities for family participation”. In such case, educational process for the child would not be a separated process from the family life and the whole family participation in the education of the child would straighten the relations inside of the family, would assist parents in achieving better understanding of their child’s inner world, frustrations, intensions etc, in the light of one’s behavior in society. More than that, in such case parents are provided with a possibility of critical evaluating the educator and other personnel of the educational establishment and to prevent the abusing of their child.


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