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In our lives, we normally face persistent challenges, which demand critical thinking in order to make a wise decision. Any decision made at that demanding stage can have a great bearing to someone life, either positive or negative impact. Critical thinking is defined as the rationally disciplines course of adroitly and actively conceptualizing, analyzing, synthesizing, analyzing, and / or scrutinizing the collected information from experience, observation, generated by, reflection, communication, or reasoning, as a guide to action and belief. In recent times, critical thinking has been defined as the process of self-regulatory, purposeful judgment that applies reasoned contemplation to context, evidence, methods, conceptualizations and criteria. This paper is going to talk about a situation that demanded a critical thinking from me, and how my choices or decisions integrated intelligence and character.  

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When I was a young person, my parent were my role model, thus I used to follow their advice and obey them. However, after completing my primary school education, I was required to choose my career before joining high school. This is where the first disagreement arisen between my parent and me, as we had a different career choice.  My parent desired me to become a teacher, whereas, I wished to become an aeronautical engineer.

At initial, when I break this news to my parent, they got very upset and they did not want me to repeat that. They informed me that they had already chosen my career, and nothing I can do about it. To me, teaching was the list career that could ever come into my mind, and the moment they told me that, I also got disappointed with them. Now, the biggest battle was that every side wanted to do things in their own way and no one was willing to swallow the pride, neither my parent nor me.

As days goes on, the more the battle became severe. My parent arguments were if I decide to be a teacher, they will appoint me as the head-teacher in their private school, and they will give me a lot of privileges, such as good salary, allowances, and holiday’s among other benefits. In addition to this, I will always be closer to them, unlike aeronautical engineering where I will be travelling a lot. In actual sense, what my parent wanted is for me to be always close to them. On other hand, my love for aeroplanes was beyond limit, thus I was willing to do anything regardless of what circumstances, in order to make my dream to become a reality. Consequently, it reached a point whereby my parent couldn’t take any more disappointment from me, thus it was either I sails in the same boat with them, or get myself into hot water.

During that episode, I was seated on the fence, as I didn’t know which way to follow. This was a sensitive matter, and it necessitated a critical thinking, since I did not want to disappoint my parent and neither myself. My decisions integrated intelligence and character by choosing both careers. By doing this, I will have eventually pleased both sides. When I informed my parent about this, they became very happy with me, and they decided to support me to successfully pursue my careers.


Critical thinking is very essential in our daily lives, as it enables us to come up with very wise decisions. For example, in my case, I had to critically think in order to come up with a wise decision that will be welcomed by all stakeholders. If I had made my decisions thoughtlessly, I could have disappointed my parent, thus breaking the love between us.


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