Free «Influence of Diversity on Business Classes and Future Career» Essay Sample

Diversity in itself is very diverse. It is diverse in terms of individual perception of the term as well as how the person would define it whether in business or other. Personally I would define diversity as the aspect of acknowledging, giving due respect and value to the existing unlikeness based on different ethnic backgrounds, age, gender, different color, religious background, varying sexual orientation, people with disability as well as the difference in where people come from or their nationality. Other areas usually neglected and that I would consider significant in arguing diversity especially in business include people’s marital status, education level, income size, past experiences, the different ways in which people communicate and the geographical locations.

All these are the simple individual characteristics that help define diversity. Joining a business school would help me identify these factors, categorize them as well as know their relation to business topics that I come across during different business classes. Fully understanding the presence of diversity also would influence the approach to my business classes in that having a prior knowledge of this topic would make me pay extra attention to any of the mentioned diverse issues as well as well raise other similar issues that are significance to the business institutions. Having knowledge of it before hand would also assist me during my business classes to understand better what is being taught especially anything pertaining diversity and business.

My personal perspective on diversity also changes my approach to my future career since I have an ambition to be in a big and decision making position in a business institution. Through understanding diversity, I would therefore put into consideration the different experiences and this unlikeness among people in making these decisions, employment of the workforce and also in facing different challenges that come up in an organization setting. Apart from this ambitious position, I would also like to work in an institution that promotes diverse environment and workforce because I believe that diversity helps foster creativity and fully exploits all possible contributions and ideas.


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