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Happiness can be attributed to a number of desirable benefits for the lives of human beings. Some of the benefits accrued from happiness include long life, good health, and successful relationships among others. As such, there exists a remarkably strong relationship between happiness and the benefits, which it brings to the life of humans. One of the notable benefits of happiness is that it gives a person some energy. This is for reason that a lot of energy is drained when a person exhibits a sulky mood, which may cause a depression. When people become negative, they tend to lose a lot of energy. On the contrary, happiness makes a person feel energetic and strong, thus giving them the strength needed to do their daily activities. A happy person tends to be in a state of ‘ready to do anything’, which never ends and is precipitated by the happiness (Atwan et al. 77-97).

Happiness has health rewards in that it makes a person healthy. As a result of happiness, there is a little stress and a person can deal with stressful events effectively. Stress can have negative impacts on a person’s immune system; as a result of stress, one can suffer from conditions such as heart diseases among other (Atwan et al. 77-97). In order to avoid such health conditions, it is advisable that one becomes happy always. Another benefit, which accrues from happiness, is that it makes a person likeable in the presence of friends. In normal circumstances, people who tend to be happy and positive are liked by other people as compared to those who are unhappy and negative. Negative and unhappy people do not impress others, and it may be hard to be around them (Holden 265-267).

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Another benefit of happiness is that it ensures and enhances success on the workplace. Happier people tend to be more satisfied with the work they do as compared to those who can be called as less happy. As a result of happiness, a person can realize high productivity on their work places, as well as gain satisfaction from the work they do. Consequently, this will translate to a high income and positive job reviews and evaluations. The daily hassles at the workplace combined with the expectations at home may cause stress. In order to avoid this stress, people ought to be happy both at home and on their respective places of work. The other benefit of happiness is that it leads to better relationships with other people. As a result of happiness, there may be an improvement in the life of a person because they will be less likely to criticize or blame other people with whom they interact. As such, an unhappy person cannot have good relationships with other people because such a person exhibits negative behavioral traits, which are unlikely to elicit any form of happiness (Thin 236).

Happiness precipitates and enhances achievement; happy people are more likely to chase their dreams than the unhappy persons. Happiness allows a person to feel good and be determined to achieve his or her dreams in life. Feeling good about oneself allows a person to gain the ability to do marvelous things in life and makes remarkable achievements. A person is his or her own best cheerleader when they are happy unlike when they are not happy. As a result of happiness, one has a capacity to have positive affirmations about themselves, and this pushes them forward to achieve the things they want to achieve in life. Happiness also shapes the character of a person; as a result of happiness, one becomes peaceful, loving, as well as unselfish (David et al. 144). 

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