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My personal teaching philosophy encompasses a mixture of several types; that of an essentialist, as well as a progressive. As an essentialist, I strive to teach students the basic knowledge in academics; I also try to make them gain the necessary skills and ensure that their character develops. In addition, I believe that teachers ought to have the capacity to combine moral values of the past, as well as virtues such as considering other people, perseverance, and respecting authority. Moreover, I have the ultimate aim of ensuring that students become good citizens, who will obey the law and their seniors, as well as patriotic and contribute to the nation’s wellbeing. As a stakeholder in the teaching profession, I recognize the importance of essentialism, which borrows much from disciplines such as a foreign language, history, literature, and natural science (Gelman, 2003).

In teaching students using the philosophy of essentialism, vocational courses are not embraced. In a system that uses essentialism, students should have the capacity to master a body of information that has been set. Moreover, students should learn some basic techniques for the purposes of gaining promotion to the next grade. Another core argument, which is at the center of essentialism, is that classrooms should strive to be teacher-oriented. As a teacher, I serve as both a role model and intellectual to the students. Administrators and teachers should be decisive in ensuring that they know what is crucial with regard to the interests of the students. The focus of the teachers should also be on the test scores, which the students do; teachers use these scores as a way of evaluating the students. This teaching philosophy is crucial in helping me meet the diverse needs of my students. As an essentialist, I teach students about events, people, institutions, as well as ideas that have contributed to the shaping of the society. As a teacher who holds the philosophy of essentialism, I hold that students will have a combination of many skills upon leaving school (Gelman, 2003).

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Another teaching philosophy that I embrace includes the progressive teaching philosophy. This philosophy refers to a reaction towards the traditional teaching style, which mainly focuses on facts rather than having an understanding of the content that the instructor teaches. While using this philosophy, I teach students how they should think. Moreover, I embrace the fact that a test cannot be the only measure of students' brilliance. The progressive philosophy also teaches students what they should think as opposed to teaching them how they can learn by discovery. I embrace the progressive teaching philosophy since it aids in easing the tensions that emanate from political, economic, as well as social conflicts. Thus, this philosophy can be regarded as one of the best education philosophies, which can address the challenges brought about by modernity (Ellis, 2004).

As a progressive, I strongly hold the belief that the school has the mandate to prepare students to live in a society, which can be termed as democratic. This model is instrumental in meeting the diverse needs of my students since it places emphasis on the democratic relationships between students. This philosophy also helps in meeting the needs of students since it focuses on the varying needs of the students I teach. The scope of the progressive teaching philosophy is crucial and plays a central role in addressing the needs of my students. In addition, this philosophy helps me in addressing contemporary issues, which form a crucial part of the modern classroom. The essentials of the progressive teaching philosophy are extremely crucial in meeting the diverse needs of students with regard to differences in race, ethnicity, religion, as well as political affiliations (Ellis, 2004). 

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