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Are we merely synthetic creatures or are we made of coffee or other substances? It is a puzzle yet to be unraveled on the adaptability of drugs to human beings and the essence behind the preference of drugs from one individual to another. There are things that have resulted to drugs being powerful in their adaptability of culture; their way of getting a meaning over their pharmacology. An emphasis of the above can be observed from the way the peasants of Colombia boast that marijuana helped them reduce tiredness and increase spirit and force whereas in the real sense we think of marijuana as a drowsy drug and disaffection.

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It was observed that the Germans would prefer not to eat food even under the worst conditions of nutrition health rather than not take tobacco. Housewives made butter and sugar for the cigarette. It is impossible not to mention or leave without mentioning that people have so much love for coffee. It is said that the favored drug of café, helped the society lead to industrialization by enabling people to observe their daily work schedule. All this is a little bit puzzling that people are deeply consumed in relaxation and the effects of caffeine taking.

In today’s world, the main cultural distinction is between tea and coffee. With regard to Weinberg and Bealer, it was clear that real revolutionaries naturally preferred coffee while in contrast the Canadian freedom fighters many years later were tea drinkers. Caffeine is caffeine. The more it is consumed the more paradoxical the caffeine culture appears. What difference does it make? After all both have sweet smell and have a great after taste infusions of vegetables. The modern live is synthetic, a personality of making new selves via chemical means. The originality of coca cola was 19th century brew by the name Pemberton’s French Wine. Alcohol and the kola nuts; full of caffeine and the raw components of cocaine were mixed to make the brew. Due to social pressure coca was removed leaving a modern beverage: carbonated, caffeinated sugar water, the coke. The drink was remade as caffeine drink for children, caffeine without the concentrated connotations of tea and caffeine. It was advertised as the pause that refreshed “it added life!” it was a world of caffeine a drug that is effortlessly adaptable. At one moment, it is a drug of choice of café intellectuals and artists.

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In 18th century, Coffee was a symbol for the upcoming middle classes whereas it’s caffeinated rival during that period; chocolate, was a drink of the aristocracy. Caffeine has been compared along gender lines which is not an enough fact to justify itself into every peoples of life, it does not merely influence culture but it also creates it. Coffee has had a reputation that it is a drink for the thinkers. This date back to 18th century in Europe where coffee houses played the main role in egalitarian a spirit that was sweeping around the whole continent of Europe. By the 17th century there were hundreds of coffee houses in London, the movement spread and coming to the end of 18th century coffee houses were so many. At the same century many westerners drank beer at all times even in the morning they would take the beer soup. People started each day with cup of coffee or strong tea, a major way to explain dawn of industrialization as an unavoidable effect around the world where people preferred to being jittery rather than being drunk. The modern life is synthetic, it is has a nature of constructing new self through chemical means. The synthetic creatures in this sense skillfully regulated and medicated, medicated with caffeine so they could be awake and alert at all times and focused when there was need.

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Why is taking of caffeine justified in the modern world? Caffeine whether in tea or coffee or in a soft caffeine drink moves faster and easily from the stomach into the blood stream and then to the various organs and within a short period of time, it penetrated in all the cells of the body. Caffeine is an excellent stimulant. Most drug substances cannot cross the brain barrier which is the defensive mechanism of the body that prevents any toxins from going into the central nervous system. After it has concentrated in the brain it blocks any action of adenosine which is the neuro-moderator that makes one sleepy and slows down the heartbeats. The most astonishing thing is that as fast as it accumulates in the brain it easily leaves it after a few minutes. Caffeine has never been linked to any serious illness. This could be the main reason as to why people are becoming the synthetic creatures of consuming caffeine at all times.

Caffeine-what the buzz about? It was not more than 200 years that people realized that the buzz they extracted from coffee and tea was similar to the buzz that was produced by some chemical agents. Caffeine’s pervasiveness is the major concern among some scientists and health advocates but it has not won most of that popularity. For example sale of copycat energy drinks and Red Bull is overwhelming. Coffee shops coming up so fast in all various places all over the world that even devotees cannot keep track of every shop. Every working day Starbunks opens new branches somewhere in the world and employs almost 200 new employees. It is hardly a coincidence that coffee and tea was greatly appreciated in Europe just as the industrialization was coming up. Caffeine replaced the ubiquitous beer and facilitated the transformation of economic endeavor by humans from the farm to industrialization. Caffeine is a drug that made the technological world possible and the more modern the world gets the more crave for it (Reid, 1996).

Coffee is not a magic bullet or as healthy as it seems. Coffee has caffeine stimulants and too much consumption of it could cause headaches, racing heartbeat and jittering. Even the decaffeinated coffee has trace of caffeine as it is hard to remove all the traces of caffeine. Coffee has been associated with hallucination but it depends on people whether they want that effect. Coffee seems to be the new synonym in America as the apple pie. Research is showing that coffee taking habits may not be as bad as they look; plenty of health issues and other positive effects are hiding out in the morning cup. For example researchers found that consistent coffee drinkers have almost 39% decrease of neck and head cancer.

Caffeine seems to be the best and the most useful of all drugs because in any form it consumed in it acts in the same manner, being a stimulant blocks out the action of adenosine hormone. Caffeine comes in a multiple guises each with a readymade story attached to it and a combination of superstition and of history which infuses the daily ritual of blocking adenosine. For instance, Red tea becomes a refreshing fun and when brewed in a teapot it is romantic. It is even better when extracted from little brown beans; it’s hardheaded and potent. It is just too hard to be detached from caffeine. It seems all our lives revolved and entangled in taking caffeine and more we take of it the more we crave for it. “Give man just enough coffee and he shall be capable of achieving anything”. 

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