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My impression of Socrates’ defense speech is that it is misguided and motivated by ego. The defense speech indicates that Socrates could have been pardoned if he chose his words wisely; instead, he resorted to mock and agitate the jury. Socrates’ defense speech is also suggestive. This emanates from the fact that he boasts to the jury how he does not fear death as the fear of death is motivated by ignorance. Socrates also chooses to scorn the jury by alleging that he deserves a reward instead of a penalty, which proves a lack of seriousness in his speech.

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Socrates did not behave wisely before the jury. Firstly, he shows them contempt by avowing that he is not afraid of death. Socrates intimates that the fear of death is tantamount to ignorance. Secondly, he condemns the state and the politicians in the presence of the jury by indicating that selfish interests, which are misguided, motivate them. This is revealed at the end of his apology where he vindicates those who accused him and requests them to take care of his sons not to be motivated by selfish interest as they grow up. Lastly, his staunch position of goodness and truth proved to the jury that he is not remorseful.

If I were on trial, I would not behave differently, but emulate Socrates’ way of defense. Socrates proves that it is wise to stand by what you believe in, and you should not falter even in the face of death. Secondly, even though Socrates was eventually sentenced to death, it proves that he died with honor to those who supported him because if he had adopted another stance, it would have undermined his dignity. Lastly, in the event of a trial, I would have behaved like Socrates because he indicated the harshness of penalties that the state advances on offenders.

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