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The perception and understanding is reflection of personal judgment. The widely recognized theory of judgment is about aspects of experience or cultural relativity. It is about the personal understanding of the things with the consideration of experience and cultural influences. Moreover, if the theory is true that moral norms change with the passage of time and with the moderation or civilization, then the change of perception and realism with the change of norms is called relativism. Furthermore, the precise denotation of relativism must be “it is the philosophical doctrine that all criteria of judgment are relative to the individuals and situations involved”.

Therefore, the judgment must be relative to the situation and the individuals involved in the situations. Furthermore, it is about consideration of happenings and the things going on with the personal perceptional as well as cultural and social backgrounds. Moreover, the relativists claim is that the human can understand the beliefs and behaviors only in their historical and cultural context.

Forms of relativism:

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The forms of relativism are so diverse when it is considered with different influences. However, some of them are widely recognized by its large influence on the perception and judgment. These forms are all-out and skeptical, cultural uncritical and cultural critical. Every form has its own particularity and is influential on the relativism with independent influential.

The all out and skeptical governs with logical and illogical stance for a specific situation. The governance of logic on relativism has much importance especially when it deals with personal beliefs and behaviors. Therefore, the consideration and decisions would be taken on the logical grounds.

Another form is cultural uncritical as well as critical. This is the form where cultural influence is obvious. These kind of relativism are mostly of group propositions, therefore, are dependent to consider the cultural critical and non-critical norms. It can be figure out by the example "You can't judge other cultures by the standards of your own.” The example has been exposed the innate version of critical as well as non critical cultural influences on the relativism.

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In the reference of judgment and or human beliefs and behaviors logic and culture has utmost importance. Many studies explored the intrinsic of relativism with consideration of cultural, logical and moral references. However, it is found that relativism is a personal exposition against any situation occurred. But, it also has many influences which are sometime critical cultural and sometime non critical cultural. At the same time, logic also has critical influence on the relativism no matter it is moral or some in the belief or behavioral context. Therefore, the alteration in the relativism would come up with the change of logical or cultural happenings. Then it will become civilized or uncivilized all depends on the surroundings and cultural influences.


At the end of treatise, it would be better to re-narrate the basic concept of relativism. Hereinafter, as above paragraphs has covered almost complete concept of relativism. Therefore, it is recognized that relativism is hereby matter of personal understanding and personal judgment. No matter it has cultural and other surrounded influences, but, the actual disposition is about personal perception. Furthermore, perception about things which happen through out the life spam and their understanding/judgment. Therefore, relativism is personal intuitional as well as understanding power which is utilized to make decision of life and to get the right suggestions with the integrity and serenity of life.

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