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Free «The Philosophy of Religion» Essay Sample

The philosophy of religion is a complex study owing to the various points of view about the existence of God. Besides, there are a number of religions each with its own imminent about its beginning and with varied beliefs. The truth about these religions is essential in analyzing the arguments about the reality of God and their significance to religious beliefs. Basically, the relevance of some of the arguments as it regards to religion and religious beliefs will be explored in this context.  Particularly, ‘Personal experience of God’ by Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and ‘No Religion’ by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu.

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To begin with, a personal experience with god varies from one individual to another. This is to mean that god manifests himself in different ways. However, this is not to indicate that god is visible but rather a supreme being. Conceivably, the knowledge about god is a matter of sense of right and wrong. For that reason, the encounter with god and personal interpretation thereof differs on the basis of a personal belief about the existence, nature, power and authority of god. Basically, people encounter god through the inner self.  In this sense, people experience conditions like inward tranquility, affection and are moved to act in certain ways by an invisible force, which is the spirit.

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In the light of the above position, the existence of god is unquestionable. This is because, a personal experience with god is a matter of spirituality and not physical. It is god that gives people talents and the ability to do certain things. More to this, god grants some people insight to understand strange happenings and give others visions about things to come. As such, how people experience god’s presence in their lives affects their beliefs. God is thus real and the queries about whether god exists are invalid. More to this, any attempt to interpret the innermost feelings distorts the authenticity of god. Therefore, the argument on personal experience of god is much useful in explaining the various religions and religious beliefs.

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On the other hand, the argument of “No religion” is such a philosophical issue. Essentially, this argument is based on the idea that all religions are the same and the only distinguishing feature is the language. More to this, the argument explains that, people’s understanding varies from one another and that’s why there are many differing religions. Indisputably, god is a reality and whatever title ascribed to him by the different religions does not change him from his being. So to speak, this argument nullifies all religious beliefs as it supposes that no understanding can explain god.

However, the argument about no religion is unsuitable for the explanation of religion and religious beliefs. Hitherto, we attribute worship to god out of the belief that he exists and that he deserves it. Even though no one has ever seen him, but religion teaches about respect and honor to god. If there were no religions then it would be difficult for people to even understand one another due to the fact that there would be no shared beliefs.  Besides, it is not possible for people to experience the same feelings at the same time. Therefore, it is the difference in ideas and views about god that bring people together to reason about their being, hence the existence of religion.

In conclusion, there is a supreme being behind the occurrences of nature. Despite the fact that people have got different interpretations of god, he is real. On the other hand, the question of religion and religious beliefs is a debatable subject since not every one believes in religion. As such, it all depends on knowledge and people’s opinions with regard to god. Lastly, in as much as god exists then religion is a reality.


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