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Strong perception and understanding construct strong metaphor. It is crystal clear that metaphor denotes to perception and understanding and initiate responses to the opponents argue. Moreover, in a philosophical term metaphor is a poetic realization and imagination of the surroundings and happenings and reacting to them. Hereinafter, thought do not belongs to the intellect or perception but it driven from the daily activities and the experiences gained after great efforts and the linguistic cross talk.

However, when one thing comes to more than one intellects. Then everyone has their own definitions and understandings, however, the essence will be the same. In this treatise, we also are going to explore three different intellects Abercrombie, Lakoff and Johnson’s ideas about perception, judgment, schema and experientialism. It will help us to understand the topic well.

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Abercrombie was a great psychologist in the history he had contributed his part and partial in the education by her teachings. She actually researched and developed a theory that group learning is better than learning the things alone. According to Abercrombie group learning will eventually crop up perception, judgment and schema and instigate experientialism as well.

Her research was actually based on the medical students. She in the long time of her teaching practice observed and researched that development of medical judgment, diagnosis and other key elements of medical practice can be better learned by a group of students than an individual. She very clearly point out that with the group learning it provide students more to think and perceive rather than understating the things theoretically. Moreover, group working provides the students a thought process which naturally crop up perception, judgment, schema and experientialism.

George lakoff:

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George lakoff is professor of linguistics and very famous for his idea about the centrality of metaphor to the thought process of a human being. His idea also covers the human behavior in the social as well as political grounds. His theory about the perception and thought is turn around metaphor. He defines metaphor as a central component in the creation of thought. Moreover, according to his research and theory he says: "Our ordinary conceptual system, in terms of which we both think and act is fundamentally metaphorical in nature."

Therefore, influence of metaphor in the Lakoff researches denotes that metaphor is the central component of building the thoughts and perceptions. Hereinafter, according to him the perception, judgment, schema and instigate experientialism is quite dependant upon the metaphor. His theory of learning things gives some realistic grounds because without metaphor it is impossible to learn the tings properly.

Mark L. Johnson:

Mark L. Johnson is professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences and he also initiated the research about the metaphor. He and George Lakoff jointly conducted the research and developed the theory of metaphor about perception creation and development of thought process.

He strongly believes that metaphor is the core component which develops perception. In addition the thought process cannot be gained without a strong metaphor. Therefore, the joint research and theory of metaphor by both of the philosophers George Lakoff and Mark L. Johnson has been widely recognized by the audience. Hereinafter the common sense also suggests that it is a matter of fact that metaphor and linguistic is core of concept and perception.

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Three intellects and three ideas:

The three intellects have presented their own three ideas from which tow are common and one is much different from other two. It is clash of ideas between George Lakoff/Mark L. Johnson and Abercrombie. Actually both ideas has very diverse notion, although, the subject is same but the notion is very different.   

To what degree are these ideas similar?

The ideas are similar at a degree of thought process. One can find that the end result of each idea is to develop thought process or every intellect is emphasizing to the development of thought process.

Are they merely using different terms to describe the same approach to the human thinking process?

In fact, the question appended above is right. The different terms are actually describing the same approach to the human thinking process. And it can be evidenced with the each intellect’s approach toward human thinking process.

If so, how can we characterize that approach?

It is very easy we can characterize the approach with pointing out each one’s theory. Abercrombie is emphasizing on the group study and group working. On the other hand, George Lakoff and Mark L. Johnson is emphasizing on the metaphor’s central role in forming the thought.


At the end of treatise, the out come of both researches/theories presented by the intellects is realistic. In fact, both of the components the linguistic/metaphor and the group working/learning is mandatory to develop thought process. Therefore, it is better to validate both of the researches, although, it has differences in the opinion but at the same time both are equal important to develop thought process in the personality. 

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