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Eating right is the main strep to controlling and preventing diabetes. Diabetic Diet for diabetics is basically a balanced diet which is very important for diabetic treatment, nevertheless, many people have the false impression that these diet consist only diabetic foods.  The blood sugar regulation for a non-diabetic person is automatic and adjusts to any food that is eaten. But, for a diabetic person, more caution must be taken to balance food intake with insulin injections, work out, and any other activity that may alter with glucose ( Maya, 2009).This facilitates diabetic person to control their glucose level in their blood and maintain the desirable weight. It also helps to prevent the patient from blood vessel and heart related diseases. Regardless of the constituent of the diet, eating sufficient calories to maintain an ideal weight is the most effectual dietary approach to prevent diabetes.

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Recommendations of diabetic patient diet differ for individual to individual, depending on their dietary needs, the time of medications and lifestyle. For instance, diet for Type 1 diabetic; mostly focus on matching food taken to insulin whereby an individual require to know when insulin hit the highest point and the rate at which the body metabolize different type of foods. In Type 2 diabetic the diet is mainly concern to weight loss so as to improve the body's capability to use the insulin it does produce. Therefore, learning about the essential of food nourishment will be able to assist in adjusting the food intake with the particular condition.

Eating right for diabetes comes along with three things: when you eat, what you eat and how much you eat. A diabetic should eat mainly plant foods, reduce on sugary drinks and refined carbs, and choose healthy fats in excess of unhealthy fats. Diet also plays a part, but maintaining regular meal and snack times also have an effect on blood sugar levels and will help to keep them more stable. Quantity of the food also matters. Regardless of eating healthy, eating too much will result in putting in weight, which grounds diabetes (maya, 2011).

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Exercise can help lower your blood sugar level and control weight. It also lowers the risk of heart diseases, a state that is common in individuals who are diabetes. Exercise improves your overall health and makes one feel better (Richard et al., 2011).

For diabetic patients, inactivity or being overweight can lead to blood glucose problems. Increasing the daily activity can facilitate control of blood glucose, reduce your chances for heart dis­ease, reduce the need for diabetes medications, and help weight control. Exercise can also perk up emotional well-being and the quality of life. Walking as little as 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

The type of exercise that is right for a diabetic mainly depends on whether one has any other health problem. Most doctors suggest aerobic exercise, which facilitate deep breathing and improve the heart beat. Examples of aerobic workout include jogging, walking, bicycling or aerobic dance. 

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