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In the article the author ponders on the question whether any individual would consent to being plugged or hooked to the imagined “experience machine”. The answer is probably negative, as plugging into the machine in order to get real life experiences appears to be a kind of simulation that cannot be encouraged at all. Being plugged into such machine may be compared to a kind of suicide, which limits human beings to existence in some artificial reality. As all the experiences, provided by the imagined machine, appear to be simply simulations, the individuals immersed in it will actually lack the contact with the reality. The use of experience machines, as suggested by Nozick, will deprive human beings the opportunity of adjusting to challenges that may occur in everyday life.

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According to Nozick (1974) , once an individual is plugged into the machine and the selected experiences are chosen and programmed, such an individual will become unable to be flexible and think outside the programmed experiences.    

As a conclusion, it may be said that one would not consent to being hooked up to Nozick’s imagined “experience machine” because it does not provide individuals with the ability of meeting their desires in a certain way. The machine cannot totally transform individuals so that they could become exactly the way they want to be. So, apart from what an individual can feel while staying in the imagined “experience machine”, he gets nothing except the lack of originality which is normally felt in real life situations or circumstances. Individuals should therefore learn and be eager to stay in daily contact with reality instead of imagined simulations. Reality is something which cannot be provided by machines. There is a lot that matters much more, than any machine can provide. So it is more important to live real life, avoiding imagined experiences. 

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