Free «Philosophical Influences of Education» Essay Sample

My philosophy of education has been influenced by the significant teachers in my life in several ways. First, the philosophy has had influence in the manner in which I approach the societal norms and the cultural achievements of the community. The significant professional teachers, dedicated amateurs, their families, and their immediate environs have greatly assisted me in instilling the social-sorting mechanism and the economic fate in a culturally acceptable and appropriate way. Secondly, the philosophy of education has enabled me not only to define and pursue my own goals but also to acquire the substantive knowledge which enables me initiate and ease the attainment of my objectives.

The philosophy of education has also enabled me to determine the methods of disseminating different issues to different groups in the society. These include the advocacy issues such as the methods of eradicating the deadly diseases and poverty in the society. I have learned that, some require professional interventions and influence whereas others require the non-intervention process (Chambliss, 1996). Discipline is the most important virtue which enhances one's efforts in pursuance of the preset goals. The philosophy of education through my significant teachers therefore has fostered discipline in me hence enable me achieve my ambitions. Discipline is a virtue which reflects the political philosophy which is prevalent in the society.

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Through the philosophy of education therefore, members of the society have learned the essence of giving freedom to the children, women, and the less fortunate in the society. Philosophy of education has also built my capacity especially in determining the curriculum which befits students of various cadres. In today's pluralistic society, the philosophy of education plays a crucial role in the social continuity of life. For instance, in order to cope up with the current trends in the society which disregards the social norms and beliefs, philosophy has enabled me to integrate the traditional and the modern norms thereby living as per the expectations of the society.

The cultural shifts owing to the dynamic world today warrant the philosophical influence in how human beings behave and relate to one another. This therefore, has enabled me to learn and respect the abilities of various people with respect to the nature of their personalities. The understanding of human behavior therefore is paramount, thus the philosophy of education has enabled me understand suppresses and the weaknesses of others. This is important since it serves as a remedy to the unnecessary arising conflicts. The philosophy of education also has enlightened me on the essence of embracing new technologies as per the changing forces. The philosophy of education has also influenced my capacity has a leader since it has enabled me learn the optimal leadership qualities. This includes the team building skills, enactment of viable policies, and the efficient methods of responding to the emerging challenging situations.

The philosophy of education has also enabled me to learn and respect the fundamental rights of others in the society hence respect the property of others including the less privileged in the society. The spiritual and education matters is very important to the proper moral growth of all human beings in the society and therefore one should advocate for the rights of the members of the society to the access of education and spiritual cleansing. The philosophy of education also agitates against the vices such as gender discrimination among others.


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