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Latin America is known to be home to a variety of cultural groups and the philosophies that accompanied their existence. Of these groups the most outstanding are the Maya of Guatemala, the Aztecs and the Inca from Peru. The philosophies guiding these groups were mainly focused on appeasing the spirits but the situation was set to change for the entire Latin American region. Some of the predominant philosophies included the Marxist philosophy, the general panorama for dominant minority interests and the philosophy practiced by Christians which involved practices outside the perspective of the church (Dussel, 2002).

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These philosophies among others greatly contributed to shaping the continent in terms of medieval land ownership, the rise of socialist movements and the option of applying scientific solutions to social problems as stipulated in the philosophy of positivism by Augusta Comte.

As Latin America gained its independence, the effects of the war were still present and coincided with the birth of Caudillos who were determined to protect the rights of the Minority with little regard to the rule of law as they gained power over some localities. The folks expected good leadership ability from the caudillos regarding national, traditional and regional ideals (Scheina, 2003).

With the entry of Europeans into the new world came a series of events that actually changed the region and to some extent changed the perspective of the Europeans. The Spanish and Portuguese approved the medieval procedures from the locals and in turn Latin America learnt of new philosophies and ideologies that came in from North America and Europe. Although the pace of adoption was quite sluggish, the ideas mainly consisting of freedom and democratic setups were finally delivered to Latin America in the 1800s and still stand today.

In conclusion, the invasion of Europeans into the new world left some positive impact on the region but the negative part of it is also prevalent (Scheina, 2003). The negativity is mainly as a result of industrial capitalism that was introduced by Europeans in a socialist region. This has since left the region in a compromising economic state.


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