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People have different opinions as far as the meaning of life is concerned, and this has made it difficult for the true meaning of life to be determined. However difficult the meaning of life may appear to be' scientists have done a thorough research and have come up with its biological definition and this includes some of the physical components that bring life in each and every organism. Due to the difficulty in the meaning of life, it is therefore derived from some of its physical aspects that can be observed in living organisms. At times people believe that the definition of life doesn't exist and this mentality is misleading as people with such mentalities can end up in making wrong decisions that can have a negative impact on their lives (Lovelock, 82).

There are certain properties of life that differentiate it from everything else. Living things are cellular in nature except for the size of an organism that determines the type of cell composition it has. There are two types of cell composition and these are unicellular and multi-cellular cells. Unicellular cells are found is small or tiny organisms such as amoeba while multi-cellular cells are found in big bodied organisms such as human beings. Every cell is bound a membrane and has its own way of operating though there are some of the operating system criteria the share in common.

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One of the most important things they share is DNA. It contains the cell instructions that help in boosting certain cell operations and reproduction. DNA consists of molecules that help it transcribe to RNA. This is another complex molecule similar to DNA though there is a slight difference. The RNA is then translated into protein and this is later absorbed by an organism's body. From this point it can be easy to come up with the meaning of life and all that it entails. It is from this point that various scientists have managed to come up with the meaning of life. Life is therefore defined as the survival enhancer. This is so because without it nothing can be moving around as everything can be stagnated at one point and all thing found on the surface of this world can join the family of the non-living.

Life entails so many things that can either impact creatures negatively or positively depending on how it is handled. There are various things in life that makes it pleasant and good though it is not always easy to achieve them as it needs a lot of hard work and determination for one to successfully achieve them. All these are linked to what is known as the nature of life. Nature of life has different meaning depending on where it is used and how one interprets it. The nature of life simply has a meaning to all the aspects of life. Life does not necessarily mean fantasy but it depends on how one shapes it. The good nature of life is what makes it worth living or meaningful and enjoyable. This doesn't come from any material thing but one's inner self (Nozick, 27).

There are various good things in life that at times one may admire in life and is always the positive part of life. Success is one of the most important things people tend to rush for in life. Everybody is interested in being the most successful person in life. Success comes in different ways in relation to what one is interested in doing. Once one has completed one particular task he or she is interested in without any intervention, the person is said to be successful. One of the major sectors where people always desire to get success is education. With education one may be able to achieve anything he or she wants in life as he or she has enough knowledge and skills of approaching and opportunity he or she intends to grab.

Good nature of life is only realized when one has become successful in whatever field he or she was dealing with. At times it does not necessarily mean that all those who have not been successful cannot enjoy the good nature of life. Success mentioned in this case only acts as a guarantee to good life however those who are not successful may also get access to some of the general nature of life that doesn't need any guarantee. There are certain general aspects of life that every member of the animal kingdom enjoys and these are granted free by nature. In life we do enjoy all rights rendered to us by the creator. We do enjoy the rights movement as we can move to any place one desire to so long as it fit and cannot lead to the emergence of certain complications that may have a negative impact on our lives. One can also involve in any practice so long as it cannot cause any harm but success.

Good nature of life involves a lot of things that needs to be considered. One of these things is the spirit of brotherhood. This spirit talks about creating good relations with our neighbors and any other person who may need help especially to those who are unable to afford some of the basic things they need in life. As far as the nature of good life is concerned, it can be concluded as an act of creating peace and unity in whatever place we live in. Life can only be good if there is good relationship among people and this can help in boosting the living standards. If all these aspects are observed, then life can be good and enjoyable to people as people can be their brother's keeper.


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