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Compromise of 1950 contained a pack of intricate five bills that was passed and adopted in America in September 1850 that settled a four year confrontation that existed between the Northern free slave states and the Southern slave states. The expectations of territorial expansion in America was the major cause of the confrontation backed by the Texas Annexation which was in force since December 1845 and succeeded by the Mexican - American war that occurred in 1846 - 1848. The act eased the tension and aftermath of the American civil war and followed by the implementation of Kansas - Nebraska Act. After the passage of the compromise, each side and the entire nation welcomed it and was at ease with its passage although both extremes were not totally comfortable with some provisions of the Act (Compromise of 1850, p 12).

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The contents of the compromise included Texas abandoning its claim over New Mexico while receiving debt relief besides Texas Panhandle. Majorly, the compromise sorted to end slavery in the entire country and settle the tension that existed between those states in the south advocating for continuity of slavery and those of the north prohibiting slavery even in their constitution.

Therefore the compromise solved the imminent danger that threatened to dissolve the union of states that was in making. Other provisions of the compromise included admission of Washington with abolition of slave trade in major districts like Colombia and finally the admission of California to the Union as a free trade (Compromise of 1850, p 16).

Role of Stephen A. Douglas

Stephen Arnold Douglas was born on Brandon and the moved to settle in Illinois state the rest of his life after completion of his basic education. He served in many offices till his election in the house of representative in 1843 and thereafter to the position of a senate. It was in collaboration with Henry Clay, that Douglas drafted the Compromise of 1850. Stephen Douglas was the seconded the compromise of 1850 when it was introduced in Congress by Henry Clay. His strong logic political arguments and influence he had gathered in the political circles enabled him convince Senators and saw the passage of the compromise of 1850. His efforts in passage of the compromise also witnessed the absence of secession and averted it for another decade. His wisdom and years of experience in politics greatly contributed to the passage since he assisted in the drafting of major provisions which although prohibited slavery also allowed it to be decided by residents at a local level (James 23).


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