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To begin with, the American democracy has got a very rich history since it inception. Democracy in particular, it is a political government that is carried out by the people or by the people through their chosen representatives. In connection to this, the definition of democracy can be associated or rather reduced to the words; equality and freedom. In this context, there is the system of America that is ruled by democracy. In simple terms, the political government that rules in America is the kind that is a democratic one seeking to achieve the freedom and the equality of every member of the society. This is to suggest that although democracy was meant to bring about equality and freedom, violence and conflict and the expansion of democracy in America have been going hand in hand in America. This kind of government has grown with great involvement or rather eruptions of violence and conflict (LaMarche , 2005).

Expansion of democracy in this sense has been associated with violence and conflicts. In essence, no one can term the democracy of America to be only static and institutional. In fact, it has gone through an expansion that has rendered it rather dynamic with a considerable conflict that comprises class and race. Class and race in America, have been pointed out as the main barriers that commonly hinder the expansion of America and democracy (LaMarche , 2005). In particular, the distribution of classes has placed the lower class, middle class and the high class in the modern America. When race is mentioned in this context it means that there are some of racial reasons that have contributed to the growth of democracy in America.

Notably, the northern part of America continued being committed to democracy enhancing the aspect of equality while in the southern parts there remains a lot in order for democracy to be enhanced. The reason behind this was that in the southern part of America, there was an issue that was emanating from racism and in this sense; democracy could not be achieved as the southern wanted to continue holding slaves who would work in their fields (Keane, 2004). The differences in classes marginalizing the low income class individuals in America, denies the definition given to the democracy in America.

In most cases, American democracy as been presented as one that is doing so well. Nevertheless, there is much that is underlying that can be best described as issues to do with class and race. More to this, the American democracy has not been extended to different classes and races but to the few advantaged in the state (Keane, 2004). Remarkably, there has been the issue of barriers of race and class being a root limitation to equal justice, opportunity and education in the larger perspective. At the same time, it is important to bring into view that political arena has been pointed out as to be shaken.

Basically, the American democracy rather than being static and only institutional also has developed through considerable conflict, including class and race. Further in this context, the American democracy seems to have some underlying weaknesses that open way for eruption of violence and conflict that is based on race and class (LaMarche , 2005). So to articulate, based on the 9/11 event when terrorism struck America, the issues of racism in a democratic world surfaced. Based on the film Fhrhenheit 9/11, it is evident that the film exposes the reality of the 9/11 attack along with the aftermath effects that it brought about.

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Equally, it reveals the state of Afghanistan before and after the invasion by US in fighting terrorism (Shenon, 2004). The film in addition, brings into view the way Iraq was before and after the vision by US. From this point of view, one can point out that there is the aspect of racism that surfaced after the 9/11 attack as Muslims, Arabs and some Asians faced rough time in US. Others were detained in the prisons as they received more harsh treatments that they should have received in actual sense (Shenon, 2004).

The detention of suspects after the 9/11 attack in US was made inaccessible to lawyers for a very long time. This point reveals the way the development of democracy in America has been associated with conflict that is based on race and class. It only surfaces when the attacks of 9/11 come into the scene. By detention of Arabs, south Asian men and Muslims in America after the eruption of violence or terror, brings out the fact that there is the issue of racism and class differences that endanger the lives of the many who often think that they live in a state whereby democracy is maintained(Shenon, 2004). Based on Mississippi burning film, the aspect of racism and hate crime of which whites and African Americans have often been caught in has been exposed. If for sure the American democracy is developing, racism should not be perpetuated as it only increases the eruption of violence as well as the conflicts and thus democracy may be abused (Pramaggiore,& Wallis, 2005).

On the other hand, “When one thinks of American foreign policy, one doesn’t think of the word ‘ethical’; indeed in the international arena, ethics – the kind of ethics that individuals practice in their daily life – can often impede the forms of political action necessary to both advance American interests and protect American security. In line with this statement, the foreign policy of America has many issues attached to it. Principally, foreign policy of the US is meant to state how the US interacts with other nations that are foreign (Debrix & Lacy, 2009). The sole aim of the foreign policy puts a requirement that the US as one of the most influential world power to be able to meet certain factors.

As such, the U.S Department of State should create a more secure, democratic and prosperous world that is meant for the benefit of the American people as well as the international community. From another point of view, it can be said that the America’s foreign policy goals should seek to secure the America’s economic interests, provide liberty at home, and spread democracy in totalitarian regimes and in the larger perspective to vanquish the enemy utterly (Debrix & Lacy, 2009). According to the American policy and the goals it has, when one thinks about it, the word ethical for real seem to be an unrealistic. This is to suggest that ethics is not what governs the dictates of the US foreign policy.

Often the kind of political actions that are necessary to both advance American interests and protect American security can be highly obstructed by the use and application of the normal ethical behaviors that are applied by normal individuals in their daily lives. Based on the Nixon film, it has been pointed out that the president confessed of the unethical things he did, nonetheless, he states that when it is done by the president is not illegal (Pramaggiore,& Wallis, 2005). This reveals the level of abuse of power by America as a superpower in that it justifies even that which is unethical to do, so long as the American interests and protection of American security is achieved.

Similarly, the Fog of war film is another base through which the life of U.S secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara has been explored. Arguably, the film brings into view the eleven lessons to be learnt from this man. He proposes understanding with ones enemy, inability to change human nature, the fact that to be good may call for ones engagement on war, being irrational, maximizing the efficiency and knowing the fact that there is something that is always beyond one’s self. He also advocates for just war as a means to reduce or rather end cruelty in the world of today (Pramaggiore,& Wallis, 2005).

Additionally, the film points out on the fact that moral principals are unclear guides to foreign policy and defense policy. From the provisions of this film, it is clear that the word ethical in regard to American foreign policy does not apply as it is on the everyday lives. Ethics in this regard is seen as to often impede the forms of political action necessary to both advance American interests and protect American security.

Another film that one can draw information of the unethical involvement of U.S foreign policy is the Rendition film. It is based on Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which was involved in the extraordinary rendition of Khalid El-Masri who was mistaken for Khalid al-Masri who was taken for a torture by proxy; the US intelligence employ the aspect of taking suspected terrorists to countries whereby they would employ harsh techniques of interrogation to increase the levels of torture(Debrix & Lacy, 2009). On the basis of everyday application of ethics, this is unethical and therefore it is agreeable that “When one thinks of American foreign policy, one doesn’t think of the word ‘ethical’; indeed in the international arena, ethics – the kind of ethics that individuals practice in their daily life – can often impede the forms of political action necessary to both advance American interests and protect American security.


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