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Nowadays China is one of the most developed, fast growing, and technologically progressed countries in the world. Among all the factors mentioned above, it is also the most populated country. When talking about China, we could imagine an empire with its ancient and mysterious history, which treasures were hidden for many years and relieved to the world not so long ago.

With a population more than 1 billion people, China is a very prosperous country. But even despite that fact, despite industrialization progress; despite the fact that China is one of main world’s technology sources - people in China are not rich. Moreover, Chinese land as any other land has its borders and they are not limitless. So, to control the population growth Chinese government eventually created a law. Due to this law, it is better to have only one child in the family, because for every next child the family has to pay certain amount of money. That’s the measure that Chinese government had to take to prevent great immigrations, abortions.

From ancient times, China is considered as the Middle Kingdom. Why? It’s believed, that many years ago Chinese people thought that their country is situated in the centre of the earth; that they are the true civilization, and everything around China are barbarian lands. It was also one of the reasons that China was a closed country. Chinese people were afraid that europeans (“barbarians”) would want to steal their historic treasures; to destroy Chinese culture and mix it with their own. For decades, Chinese people couldn’t leave their country. The borders of China were closed and guarded by the warriors. So, it’s not strange, that nowadays China still has and still pursue its ancient traditions.

Middle Kingdom, Middle country or just China in its accomplishments for these past decades made something unbelievable. After all liberalization reforms that China went through; after really revolutionary progress the country made, it has shown that, if the world’s economy would depend on China and its resources, people could easily count on this country. China is the ‘engine’ of world’s economy and technology; it is the example for the others, our countries should follow its strategies, and moreover, should value what we have – history and traditions.


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