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In October 1925 the Duke of York, Albert at the request of his father King George V at the stadium “Wembley” is trying to make a speech, the closing exhibition of the British Empire. He stands in front of a huge number of people who hear it on the radio, but from his mouth emitted strange sounds, interspersed with painfully shamefaced pauses. This all is because Albert is a stammerer. The duke, who suffers from a stammer since childhood, can not cure this disease. His wife, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, an energetic, powerful, but at the same time, a very loving and caring, once learns about the Australian speech therapist Lionel Loge and persuades her husband to turn to him for help. Dr. Logan methods are rather eccentric: he makes the patient to sing, roll on the floor, use foul language, and personally attend classes at the Loge’s home. Albert finds it humiliatingly to do these things. He tries to resist, but classes give obvious results. After the George V death, the government is inherited by his eldest son, David. However, he abdicated because he wants to marry the twice divorced lady. This fact is unacceptable for the monarch. By thinking that he might be the king, Albert gets nervous, but he realizes that the United Kingdom, especially on the threshold of war, will die without him. That is why, he agrees. Later, he becomes a symbol of resistance to Nazi Germany.

The King’s Speech, directed by Tom Hooper, represents the real events. What is very important, Elizabeth II liked this movie. In it, the historical events are the background for a story about the struggle of the hero with the disease and, moreover, with himself. In fact, the doctor involved with the King is not a technique of speech, and psychoanalysis, because he understood that speech problems are drawn from childhood.

This movie is more than just a historical movie. This is the story about the very strong personality. Moreover, it is about the real friendship, and it shows that it is more than possible to achieve the aim by hardly working. This is one of the most inspiring movies ever, and it deserves all the possible awards, in addition to those, which it already received.


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