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“Workers of the world unite!” is one of the most famous communist slogans. These words are put at the end of The Manifesto of the Communist Party or originally Das Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei, written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. It is this way that the greatest all-time idea of the international workers’ solidarity was expressed. As it was explained by the leaders in all countries, the class interests of the workers around the world were nearly identical. Moreover, they had the same foe, represented by the bourgeois class. That is why the workers should have fought together. They were invoked to stand against the bourgeois class and grapple with it as the proletarian internationalism or the brotherhood union of the workers of all nations and of all countries. The idea was that they all did not have what to lose except for the chains, because they had nothing: no piece of soil, no treatment guarantee, etc. They should have to cooperate in their search for the equality and human rights. This might be good because if all were equal there would not be any use of envy; everyone would possess the same things. If this happens, there would be no criminality because everyone would have the same things and in the same amount.

But there are also some disadvantages. For example, in this case they would lose their personality. If everyone had the same things, worked in the same work, wore the same clothes and read the same books, they all would become identical, like the robots or the incubator products. This would have influenced the “quality” of the nation because the people would be identical and they would have no motivation to change anything. There would be no need to strive for anything better. There would be no healthy competition and that means that there would be no incentive for the further development. If people do not develop and move on, the whole country comes to the stagnancy and can “die” in the global sense.


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