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Arthur Neville Chamberlain, or more known as Neville Chamberlain, used to be the British politician and the Prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1937 till 1940. His foreign policy was the appeasementof the world. The best confirmation is the signing of the Munich Agreementin 1938.

This text is written for the usual citizens, the cheering crowd which is waiting for the changes. The British Prime made this speech on 30 September 1938 concerning the Anglo-German Declaration about peace.

Chamberlain said about his meeting with the German Leader about the question of Anglo-German relationship. He also announced the signing of the Anglo-German Naval Agreement. Chamberlain was proud to share with people the new way of relationship, the method of consultation.

Neville wrote this speech to show people his aim to bring “peace to Europe”. After this speech, the phrase “peace for our time” became the aphorism.The text is about the Declaration and the future perspectives of the peaceful life.

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It assumes the reader only hope. This document seems to be very cheerful and should have awoken only the praise.

Unfortunately, in one year there was no more peace in the world, when the Second World War broke out. That means that there is no reason to believe it.

The speech was a little bit exaggerating because it is about the “method of consultation” which should have worked as a contribution “to assure the peace of Europe”. However, such changes could not happen in one moment and “peaceful” stability could not exist. The beautiful words about the desire “never to go to war with one another” found to be only the words. Confirming with regret that the war does not depend on people, it depends on authorities.

This speech awakes the peaceful emotions of the citizen, but it also shows the decency of the British people and their trust to German Leader. It also represents their willingness to the better life, their hope.

On my opinion, it is a very interesting speech, which is very important. This is also evidence of the authority features of the both countries. It is the example of the relationship type between countries and the way how to deal with the problems. This speech is also the great example of the oratorical art.


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