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The Soviet Union has been brought out as one that is outdated and most vulnerable of all unions. The author(s) X describes this policy as one that dictates its decisions on people and lacks proper internal structure. X prefers a policy different from the Soviet Union. A policy capable of handling all issues maturely, where no individual(s) feel oppressed whatsoever. A policy that can result in even development in the region unlike the Soviet Union who despite of its rapid economic developments, their development is limited to certain regions.

The Soviet policy is based on ideology inherited from their origin and circumstances gained from their experience. According to the leaders, they need to secure their power and also guard it against any external forces. No opposition to them can be officially recognized as having merits or justification whatsoever. X thinks of a policy that is stable and comfortable with its operations.A policy that can welcome divergent views and use it to better its leadership and also treat their opponents with diplomacy. A policy can relate well with the policies of other western states. The Soviet policy only represents a minority of the Russian people. X talks of a foreign policy that represents the majority in the society. The author believes that the majority rule has the strength to eliminate any form of dictatorship among the leaders. Evidently, the minority rule exercised by the Soviet Union has brought a necessity of dictatorship; hence the people are ruled not according to their will but to the will of the selfish Soviet leaders. X thinks of a policy where there is freedom. Freedom of speech and association are at the top of the agenda. The Soviet Policy does not necessitate any form of opposition as the leaders believe they are ever right and know what is right for the people. Any form of opposition is therefore regarded as unlawful and against the policy. The people are therefore only to follow directions blindly without any complains.

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Considering the Soviet Union there some limits to the physical and nervous strength of the Russian people obtained. To begin with, despite the leaders getting their desires done by using forced labour and other inhuman agencies, these tactics are only but temporary. Human get old before time and their services become unavailable to the society and the government as a whole. Older people cannot continue offering the same services and the only remedy is the younger people. Putting into consideration the abnormal emotional strains created by the dictatorship and which greatly increased by the war , there is doubt whether this same generation would offer any help after seeing the mistreatment their older ones go through. Thus Russia remains economically a vulnerable. The leadership system has created a lot of insecurity and uncertainty among the people. Normal security and placidity of home environment can never be realized. This creates bad impression to the younger generation coming to maturity who will possible view the leaders as to be against its own people. Although it can be seen that Russia has rapidly developed over the past few years, it is sad to note that this economic development is uneven and scattered. Some regions are underdeveloped leading to an unbalanced economy. The highway and railway networks are poor and this is a big threat to the same industries established in the region. The constructions are poor in quality making their depreciation rate high. Also the poor peasants, who are forced to work in these industries, are only taught on machine operations and they have no idea on their maintenance. Another limitation is in the manner power is transferred in the country. The political life of the Soviet Union is limited. There is no democracy and power is simply transferred between individuals. The security of the Soviet Union rests on the iron discipline and obedience of the party members. The top leadership dictates the rules and decisions to the mass members who simply follow. The party cannot compromise or accommodate other peoples’ ideas and views as they are seen as capitalists. There is fear that with time, wrangles may occur leading to the splitting of the Union. If this happens, the Soviet society will change from one of the strongest to weakest and most pitiable of all national societies.

There are some factors central to Soviet orientation that makes the policy of “x” necessary. First and foremost, is the antagonism between capitalism and socialism. The relationship of Russia with the western world in general is questionable. There is a profound implication of Russia’s conduct as a member of the international society. Due to the ambiguity of the leadership system ant the soviet philosophy, it relates at other countries with a lot of suspicion, secretiveness, and lack of openness. Other countries therefore see her as a stranger and hard to deal with, due to type of leadership system and their beliefs.

Russia sees other as capitalist (enemy) and according to the soviet policy it is unthinkable to deal with capitalists. The Russian government occasionally sets its sign to documents indicate the contrary, since as per the Soviet’s policy it is seen as dealing with the “enemy”.

The belief that the Kremlin is the ultimate decision maker is another concept that makes policy described by “X” necessary. The society believes in the infallibility of the Kremlin which is the party’s most delicate organ. The soviet concept of power permits no focal points of organization outside the party. The party leadership remains in theory the sole repository of truth. The mass of party members might go through motions of decisions , elections, actions and other issues; but in these motions they are animated not by their own will but by the breath of the party leadership. The Kremlin doubtlessly believes that they alone know what is right and good for the people. Decisions are passed unanimously by the top leaders. The mass members are to fully submit to these decisions. It follows that the society becomes the number one enemy of the people of which they are to serve.


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