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Theodore Roosevelt had considerable influence on the American affairs during his reign following the assassination of William McKinley. Roosevelt assumed power at the initial stages of the twentieth century, which was characterized by rapid changes within the American society due to technological advancements (Swain, 2005).  Roosevelt may be considered as the best president because of his contribution towards the role of USA in the control of world affairs, and the fight for the liberties of the common man among other achievements.

Roosevelt brought about considerable improvements to different regions within the US, for instance, renovation and improvement of the existing transport network. Roosevelt saw his work through the establishment of streets, railroads and trolleys to assist in transit. These transport systems were power-driven, and during this period, the number of automobiles increased. Considerable progress was achieved in the communication sector with the introduction of telephones both in American homes and business centers (Lacayo, 2006).

Roosevelt addressed social problems or issues that were present at the grassroots where farmers continued getting poorer despite being the producers for the whole nation. Roosevelt belief in social progress enabled him to handle social matters through the introduction of numerous reforms that targeted those social ills (Swain, 2005). The roles that Roosevelt played through progressive and conservative movements assisted in the alleviation of numerous problems that existed within the American populace. Roosevelt engaged in the formation of novel political parties, for instance, the Populist that catered for the requirements of the oppressed Americans. Labor movements that emanated from Roosevelt’s efforts helped in the establishment of improved working conditions and influenced reforms associated with laborers during the industrial era (Lacayo, 2006).


 Roosevelt engaged in activities that remade America, and improved the overall status of the common man. He also introduced America to its supremacy through reforms and inclusion in most world affairs. Roosevelt changed most governmental dynamics through disorientation of the existing monopolies and addressed other issues that related to health, environment and poverty. 


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