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President Barack Obama is the 44th president of United States of America and goes to the records as the first ever black man to win elections in USA as a president. He was born in Hawaii in a place know Honolulu in 1961 to a family of the late Sr. Obama a Kenyan citizen and Ann Dunham who got married during they studies in collage.  After the divorce of his parents, he returned to Hawaii where he lived with his grandparents until he left college in California. He holder a bachelor degree in Law and before becoming the president of USA he had participated in teaching and heading various law departments in Chicago University. During the time as law teacher in Chicago University, he also established law firms within the region and as result he meant Michelle who the married later and God has blessed them with two lovely daughters Sasha and Malia. He becomes the first president in USA to be re-elected twice using Democratic Party ticket.

How Effective President Has Obama Been So Far?

President Obama will also be remembers as one of the presidents in USA who was more effective and efficiency in terms of policy implementation and many challenges faced his federal government either internal or external. This means that he ensures that any policy implemented is timely and has benefits to both USA and non-USA citizens. When he was elected as a president in the year 2009, America faced many challenges in terms of unemployment, poor foreign policy and economic challenges. He has shown high degree of effectiveness in terms of leadership by providing clear policies with the aim of making America better than what it is today. Some of key areas we have seen the effectiveness of President Obama is how climate change issues have been handled. He has been in the leading line in addressing issues of climate change as urgent matter which needs to be addressed by various leaders around the group so as to make our environment clear .As a president in office he has established new measures in dealing with climate change by coming up with new fuel standards which will reduce the emission of harmful gas to the atmosphere. Other areas that president Obama has been effective are dealing with high level of unemployment, external terrorism treats, economic recovery and foreign political policy.

What Obama has accomplished so Far?

1. Health care program

President Obama introduced health care program which remains more popular to American citizens to ensure all citizens are able to access healthcare services no matter they occupation in the society. This remains the number one achievement since Republican Party has been opposing this act, but Obama has remained strong to ensure this act passes so that many Americans may access health care services.

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2. Financial Industrial reforms

Financial industrial changes in the recent years have credited Obama leadership efficiency and major accomplishment of his promise during his campaign speech.  This change have shown large financial institutions providing better financial services to USA economy so that any risk identified is well handled to enable the economy to be on upward trend.

3.  Preventing America from second economic depression

Many economists says that after Obama was elected as president, the country was almost digging into second great depression, but Obama come up with policies and regulations which enabled USA to stay out of this depression as many other countries were trapped due to lack of clear economic policies.

4 End war in Iraq

After being elected as a president, Obama has drastically reduced the number of US army in many parties of Iraq with the promise of Training the Iraqi security forces and eventually withdrawing USA army from that country. Update more than 170,000 US forces have returned home with the rest just providing training services to Iraqi security forces.  

5. Climate change on greenhouse gases

President Obama has been on front line passing the sensitive legislations which ensure policies are being implemented to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas been released to the atmosphere. This regulation requires any factors, industries and oil refineries to reduce the amount of harmful gas emitted to the environment, if not so, they will be closed down.

6. Nuclear Agreement

Obama has played vital role in engaging in signing treaty between Russia and United States on how this dangerous weapons should be reduced form the world.

7. Repairing USA image

USA for many years has been on war with many countries hence its good image has been damaged. Since Obama was elected as USA president, he has rebuilt this image by creating good relationship with foreign countries such as Russia and Middle East countries where America is seen as the Number one enemy

8. Education Reforms

Many USA and non-USA citizens are able to access college and university education because the government has increased funds and scholarship. This program makes people of low and middle class to obtain better education despite financial difficulties.

9. Tobacco Regulations

Obama signed an act which allows USA Food and Drug administration the full mandate to regulate the production of Tobacco product in USA.

What has he not accomplished?

1. The economy

After promising USA citizen that once he is elected, he will create millions of jobs to unemployed American citizens, the rate unemployed remains very high more than 9.4% showing that he has failed to accomplish his campaign promise of reducing the level of unemployment to less than 4% per year, (Dorning, 2011).

2. Failure of Proper Healthcare program

President Obama was at great pressure to make reforms on healthcare program he had introduced. This reforms creates uncertain since the opposing party republican are against the act

3. Broken politics around Washington

President Obama promise to fix the gab created in washing ton but in many situations he has failed to solve political gab hence providing political balance.

4. Lack of proper guideline in climate change

President Obama has failed again to establish clear guideline on how to solve the issue of climate change since the present guideline is not effective in reducing the damage of global warming.

Finally president Obama has made much beneficial significant to the whole world in terms of fighting terrorism. This is because during his time, he has been able to kill world’s most dangerous terrorist such as Osama and other key terrorist leaders. On other part he has encouraged the need of good leadership across the world and importance of peace among countries hence being awarded the Nobel peace prize.


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